The Lord is my IT Guy

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Psalm 23 for geeks

The Lord is my IT guy,
I shall not want.

He makes my programs user-friendly
And leads me to the best software.

He restores my backups.
And leads to the right tutorials,
bringing honor to his name.

Even though destructive hackers threaten me,
I will fear no evil, for he is always with me.
His firewalls and anti-virus programs protect me.

He uploads the newest updates.
In the presence of trolls,
he encourages me in my work.
My files overflow with blessing.

Surely his goodness and kindness will follow me
all the days of my work;
and my computer shall never, ever crash!

Copyright © 2014, 2017 James N. Watkins

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Will MAD rein in madman?

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July 2017

(CNN) North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile Friday that appears to have the range to hit major US cities, experts say, and prompted a fresh round of condemnation from the United States, China, Japan and South Korea.

Having lived through the Cold War with the Soviet Union, I’m not too worried about that crazy kid in North Korea. What kept the United States and the Soviet Union from nuking each other was a philosophy called Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD, appropriately, for short). Between the Americans and Russians were enough nuclear weapons to obliterate a planet eight times the size of earth. Both sides knew that an attack on the other would turn the entire world into a smoldering cinder. So . . .

1. Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship has a handful of weapons all—as far as we know—non-nuclear. The United States has a nuclear arsenal 6,800 missiles. (However, North Korean sympathizers Russia has 7,000 and China 270, which complicates the math.) If Un ever attempts to fire on the United States, he hopefully knows that North Korea will be nothing but smoldering ash in less than half an hour.

2. Even a madman can understand MAD. His hubris and brutality toward his people and own family certainly indicate some serious paranoid sociopathic tendencies, but I pray he also has, deep in his hypothalamus, a strong animal instinct for survival. Un could be truly “un” in a matter of minutes!

So, having lived through the hair-trigger tension of the Cold War with the Cuban missile crisis, nuclear-attack drills in school and Civil Defense films at church carry-in dinners, I’m pretty confident that MAD will rein in a madman.

© Copyright 2017 James N. Watkins

Photo from North Korean news media

The Whoopie Cushion Code

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“The Bible is filled with hidden humor.” That’s the contention of Dr. Harrison “Harry” Tikk, a para-archeologist who claims to have discovered The Whoopie Cushion Code. Written on a tanned sheep bladder—thought to be the world’s first novelty item—the ancient writing fills in gaps of biblical history with “holy humor.”

For instance, the document reveals that it was Abraham, speaking to the Pharaoh, who first uttered the classic comedy line, “Take my wife . . . please.”

Tikk’s discoveries are somewhat controversial, however, in replacing the ten plagues of Egypt with his list of “Top Ten Practical Jokes of All Time” including fake blood, rubber snakes, and wind up frogs. And, of course, the Hebrews were the inventors of the dribble flask, clay doodoo, and manna that turned your mouth blue.

[Continue reading]

A case for polygamy?!

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July 2017 (AP) “Two former leaders of an isolated polygamous community in Canada were convicted Monday of practicing polygamy after a decades-long legal fight, setting up another potential court battle over the constitutionality of Canada’s polygamy laws. Winston Blackmore, 60, and James Oler, 53, were found guilty by British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Sheri Ann Donegan, who said the evidence was clear that Blackmore was married to 25 women at the same time and that Oler was married to five women in the tiny community of Bountiful.”

Actually, the cases bring up several questions, including our culture’s “tolerance” for sexual behavior.

If the two had been simply living and procreating with a total of 30 women, that would be completely legal (provided members of the harems were all over 16 years of age). In the United States, the laws vary from state to state, but in general, if you don’t ask for a marriage license from the state for your first marriage, then you can legally cohabit with as many people as you like and it is not illegal. Bigamy is only a crime for a married person, not for people who are simply living together.

So, utilizing our culture’s current thinking, a case could be made for legalizing polygamy. [Read more]

Why we do what we do

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Some days, we just have to sit down and remember the reason why we’re in ministry whether it’s the traditional “minister” or writer, speaker, teacher, health care worker, social worker or [fill in the blank].

Here are some reminders to provide inspiration and motivation. [Continue reading]

The author of The Message paraphrase of the Bible is taking heat on his recent flip-flopping on same-sex marriage. Here’s a round up of my columns on LGBTQ issues.

I want to be biblical as well as compassionate for those struggling with sexual identity issues. The bottom line—at least for me—is that God is more concerned about obedience than orientation. “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind” (Matthew 22:37). [Read more]

Resourcing writers . . .

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writing resources
I’m looking forward to speaking at three conferences where writers can get educated, be encouraged and engage with professional agents, editors and writers.

Carol Kent’s Speak Up Conference July 13-15, 2017, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Taylor University’s Professional Writing Conference, August 4-5, 2017, Upland, Indiana

Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference, September 28-30, 2017, Muskegon, Michigan

And if you can’t attend a physical conference, enjoy my virtual writers’ conference:

Hope and humor for writers A whole ream of resources

I’m babysitting hamsters, “Fluffy” and “Snuggly,” while my granddaughters are on vacation. Fluffy will get on her wheel, run as fast as her tiny legs will propel her, then suddenly stop, stand up on her back legs and look around confused, as if to say, “After all that running, why am I still where I started?!” Repeat . . . repeatedly!

Unfortunately, humans sometimes have that look after running hard after a goal.

Make sure your efforts are accomplishing something. Yes, set goals, but at the end of the day (week, month or year), determine if your current efforts are moving you in that direction. If not, stop running. Evaluate your efforts. Determine a different course. Be the human. Not the hamster.

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