Top 10 Christian websites

Here are the top ten Christian sites verified by com as of January 2018.

Several “top” Christian websites lists exist, but most list only their members or are the opinions of a site, so do not accurately reflect true site rankings. (First parenthesis is last year’s ranking, second parenthesis is international ranking among the almost 1 billion websites worldwide.) Lots of changes this year, but Bible Gateway has continued to dominate for as long as I’ve been tracking numbers.

This list does not constitute endorsements of these sites: “We report, you discern.”

1. (1) Bible Gateway (168)

2. (-) Christian Mingle (522)

3. (3) Patheos (727)

4. (8) BeliefNet (778)

5. (4) Christian Post (979)

6. (9) Christian Broadcasting Network (1,177)

7. (7) Got Questions? (1.393)

8. (2) Blue Letter Bible (1,408)

9. (-) Kenneth Coplin Ministries (2,728)

10. (10) (2,754)

If your favorite is missing, check for its position. If it qualifies, please let me know (Click CONTACT above). Thanks!

Top ten sites at Hope and Humor

My Hope & Humor site didn’t make the top ten—sigh—but has been around since 1997 and is in the top 1 percent of all websites according to Here are its top ten sites over the past 20 years:

1. Were U.S. founding fathers Christian?

2. Hope and help for suicidal thoughts

3. It is well with my soul: the rest of the stories

4. A case for women in ministry

5. Top 10 reasons I’m not divorcing my wife

6. Encouraging quips and quotations

7. Does DNA disprove evolution?

8. Dealing with death and grief

9. The hidden habit: masturbation

10. Ancient prophet warns of conspiracy theories

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