My book list

In addition to the books listed in my book store . . .

Books I’ve authored

Keeping Pace: Practical ways to share your faith (Wesley Press, 1986)

Books I’ve co-authored

Answering God: The Psalms as Tools for Prayer Leaders Guide for Eugene Peterson (Harper San Francisco, 1992)

Books I’ve ghost-written

Connections: Using Personality Types to Draw Parents and Kids Closer for Jim Brawner (Moody Press, 1991)
Shattered Dreams Restored for Irene Spencer (ACW Press, 2015)

Books to which I’ve contributed

30 Days to a More Incredible Marriage (Tyndale House, 1998)
100 Plus Motivational Moments for Writers and Speakers (Joy Publishing, 1991)
A Complete Guide to Writing for Publication (ACW Press, 1999)
The Cure (twenty devotionals for the Bible edition)
Family Traditions that Last a Lifetime (Tyndale House, 1993) by Michael R. Smith (EpisteLogic, 2005)
Heartbeat (Tyndale House, 1988)
Mother’s & Father’s Day Program Builder No. 10 (Lillenas, 2005)
The Pastors’ Study Bible (Group/Zondervan, 2000)
Pause for Pastors: Finding Still Waters in the Storm of Ministry by Chris Maxwell (True Potential, Inc., 2014)
Perfect Love Primary contributor, ghost writer for two chapters (Wesley Press, 1987)
Stories for a Grad’s Heart (Multnomah Publishers, 2001)
This Cloud of Witnesses (Taylor University Press, 1999)
Total Quality Life by Stan Toler (Wesleyan Publishing House, 2007)
Wesleyan Bible Lesson Commentary: Volume 2 (Wesleyan Publishing House, 2011)
Wesleyan Bible Lesson Commentary: Volume 3 (Wesleyan Publishing House, 2011)
Wesleyan Bible Lesson Commentary: Volume 4 (Wesleyan Publishing House, 2011)
What Does She Want From Me Anyway? (Harper/Collins/Zondervan, 1997)
Writing Right to Success” Stories of the Writing Life by Those Who Followed Their Dream! (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas 2016)


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