Can we really do ‘everything’?

September 2nd, 2019 | Posted by jameswatkins in Uncategorized

As a young believer, one of my favorite verses was Philippians 4:13:

      For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

I believed that through Christ, I would become a best-selling author, speak to stadium-sized crowds and overcome every obstacle in my way. Maybe you have used that verse to assure yourself that you would have a successful marriage, a winning athletic career, become a billionaire philanthropist, pastor a megachurch, overcome every temptation or [fill in the blank].

And maybe like me, you’ve found you are not doing “everything” you desired. Was Paul lying? And a more disturbing question: Is Christ powerless to do “everything”? [Continue reading]

I deal with the questions of unfulfilled promises in God, I Don’t Understand.

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  • Michael D Fraley says:

    Really enjoyed this one. Thanks! I recall my old “Word of Faith” days almost 40 years ago, and how Paul being martyred meant that he was a failure – since if he really had faith, he would have overcome the executioner’s ax. Stupid, stupid, shallow thinking – a mile wide and a quarter of an inch deep. It’s nice to know that doing what God wants us to do, being faithful, etc., doesn’t always mean having tons of money and driving fancy cars. I recall a “Word of Faith” missionary who pastored a church in the Philippines, and how he belittled a cell group leader in the jungle who had struggled to bring together six or seven people. And the missionary bragged about belittling the man, telling him to fold up and go learn something at some old lady’s house in town who had several hundred people in *her* cell group. Nonsense. Utter nonsense. But that was the tenor of the times. Nonsense doesn’t seem to ever go away. It just slightly changes its packaging. 😉

  • This is incredibly encouraging to me! Thank you for sharing. It’s interesting how God has kept me coming back to the principle of reading His Word in context. The process of understanding how important that is began several years ago when I read a devotion in a multi-author women’s devotion book that used Satan’s words as the scripture for a nice devotion. I set aside reading devotions at that point and have only recently included them in my time again. In 2018 I began taking seminary classes, and one common theme has been context. God is good and faithful to reinforce what He is teaching me.

    Thank you for being part of that reinforcement.

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