I Have a Meme
Find my daily cartoons of “Hope and Humor” (and occasionally, “Evil Jim’s” “Mope and Murmor”) on Facebook and Twitter.

From the archives
Cartoons from the dark side (Star Wars)
Christmas cartoons
A very Twitter Christmas
Easter cartoons
“Evil Jim” at the Oscars
Cartoons on love, marriage, sex
Cartoons on parentling
Cartoons on Thanksgiving
Cartoons on writing
Cartoons on Facebook
Predictions for the New Year

And for a collection of the best—and a few of the worst—check out I Have a Meme, my new collection on aging, food, government, health, holidays, the Internet, love, marriage, sex, mind fields, parenting, spirituality, weather and writing.

“Milk-out-the-nose funny”
Rhonda Rhea, author, humorist, speaker

“Brilliantly funny, smart”

“Funny, funny stuff”
Torry Martin, author and actor

Click to buy a copy for just $7.99!

XarisCom 20016
Paperback 108 pages

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