Does your book manuscript need CPR?

I’d love to help you bring your manuscript to life with CPR: Content editing, Publishing assistance, and Rewriting. I have worked in the traditional and independent publishing world as an editor helping first-time and New York Times best-selling authors get their book manuscripts into print.

Content editing

I have worked full-time at Wesleyan Publishing House as a book, magazine and curriculum editor, then as editorial director over the denomination’s curriculum products. While there, I earned four Evangelical Press Association awards for most-improved and best periodicals internationally. I recently won my fifth EPA for reporting on race relations for a national magazine.

I have edited as a freelancer for Group Publishing and several independent publishers. And I’ve worked with hundreds of individual authors in titling, organizing and editing their books. I specialize in nonfiction and have edited articles, self-help books, technical manuals and Bible commentaries.

I offer:
Manuscript critiquing: $2 per page (a page equals 250 words)
Editing: $5 per page

Publishing assistance

I started in publishing as a sophomore at Indiana Wesleyan University editing my denomination’s youth magazine. Since then, I’ve seen 20 of my own books published and contributed to 30 more for HarperCollins, Moody, Tyndale, Zondervan and many other publishers. My books and over 2,000 articles have earned a Campus Life Book of the Year award, an Amy Award (for writing in the secular press), a Christian Retailers Choice Award, and an Alumnus of the Year from Indiana Wesleyan University.

I taught writing at Taylor University for 15 years (Freelance Writing, Editing, Humor Writing, and Online Communications), and I’ve guest lectured at Liberty University, Regent University and other universities as well as hundreds of writing conferences.

I can guide you through the process of writing book proposals, preparing your book for production and publishing your book, whether you are going through a traditional or independent publisher. I have worked for 15 years with ACW Press, one of the first Christian self-publishing companies. I also have good contacts with both agents and publishers, so I can assist you in networking. The three secrets to publication are 1. Network, 2. Network and 3. Network.)

I offer:
Consultation: $60 per hour by phone, email or in person.
Independent publishing: I represent ACW Press. (Email me your word count, and I’ll send you several publishing options.)

Email me for a free initial discussion of your project.

Rewriting and writing

Many people have a story, but don’t want to go through what Malcolm Gladwell claims are the 10,000 hours to become proficient in a craft. So they turn to co-authors or ghostwriters. My clients have included everyone from first-time authors to a New York Times best-seller—and everyone in between.I have “ghosted” books for first-time author, a New York Times best-seller and everyone in between.

However, I’m not limited to books. I’ve also written promotional materials for Indiana Wesleyan University, World Hope, the Wesleyan Church Corporation, as well as other nonprofits such as chambers of commerce, arts councils and philharmonic orchestras. I’ve also been honored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for my “creative” website.

I offer:
Rewriting: $15 per page (250 words)

Email your manuscript as a Word document attachment to: for a free evaluation. You may pay with a check or money order. (For some reason, PayPal hates me!)

And, I’ll be happy to provide references if you wish.

Let’s bring your writing to life!

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  • Jean Fan says:

    Jim, I am introduced by Elizabeth Delaney. I am very sorry that I have to ask you a question before everything else. Are you a conservative or liberal?

    • jameswatkins says:

      Hi Jean, I’m too conservative to be a Democrat and too liberal to be a Republican, so I guess I’m an Independent. Most of all, I’m trying to live out the teachings of Jesus.

  • Jean Fan says:

    Jim, how do I get hold of you to have an initial discussion about the publication of my manuscript?

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