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December 28th, 2015 | Posted by jameswatkins in Uncategorized

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I am so pumped up about the new year. Lois has an exciting new opportunity looming—please pray—and I have a brand new book launching in just over two weeks.

As I’ve mentioned, Thomas à Kempis’ book, The Imitation of Christ has changed my life—I have mentioned it, right? While I had a degree in theology, and had been writing Christian books and articles most of my professional life, à Kempis had a close, deep relationship with Jesus Christ that I didn’t. I knew Christ, but I didn’t know Christ. I have read through à Kempis’ book at least ten times now, and each time, I find myself knowing Christ in closer and deeper ways.

This past spring, I woke up one morning thinking, Someone needs to put The Imitation of Christ into modern language and organize it into devotional readings. (Whenever you think Someone ought to do something, it’s often God saying, “Yep! And that someone is you.” On a lark, I pitched the idea to my agent.

It’s been one miracle after another as the book has raced toward publication in less than nine months. I sincerely believe this book can change lives. Over the past 500 years, it has done just that, so this could be the edition for the 21st century.

To reach as many people as possible with this life-changing message, I need your help. Would you be willing to share with your friends through social media, emails, newsletters, in your conversations with others, etc., about The Imitation of Christ? Below I have provided you with some prewritten tweets, Facebook posts, links, and images that you can use to help us spread the word. It’s as easy as copying and pasting one or more into your social media networks:

Facebook posts

      Thomas à Kempis’ IMITATION OF CHRIST has been a best-seller for over 500 years! Now it’s updated in today’s language and organized into 90 devotional readings by James Watkins. Available January 12th!

      If you want to know Christ in deeper way, consider reading James Watkins updated version of Thomas à Kempis’ IMITATION OF CHRIST. It’s available January 12th. Click to read a sample chapter:

      Read a sample chapter of James Watkins’ updated version of Thomas à Kempis’ IMITATION OF CHRIST. It’s available January 12t. Click to read a sample chapter:

      Join millions of readers who, over the past five hundred years, have become more like Christ through Thomas à Kempis’ amazing book IMITATION OF CHRIST. James Watkins’ updated version is available January 12th. Click for more info:

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Twitter posts

      James Watkins updated version of Thomas à Kempis’ #TheImitationofChrist is available 1/12. Click for info:

      Know #Christ in deeper way. Read James Watkins updated version of Thomas à Kempis’ #TheImitationofChrist:

      Read a sample chapter of James Watkins’ updated version of Thomas à Kempis’ #TheImitationofChrist Available 1/12:

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But wait there’s more . . .

About the book
About Thomas à Kempis
Read an excerpt
My exclusive interview with Thomas à Kempis
• Daily quotations: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
The story behind this book

Available January 12, 2016. Pre-order today!
Barnes & Noble
• Christianbook hardcover eBook

I have so appreciated your prayers and encouragement as I’ve worked on this book. You’re an important part of the ministry this amazing book will have! Thanks.


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