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For seven years, I wrote a humor column each issue for Rev. magazine. (That is, until is ceased publication, which I'm sure, I had nothing to do with!) Here are some of my favorites:

Beyond nickels and noses: the real church stats

The Book of Joe: Encouragement for ministers

Church at 30,000 feet: what you can learn about church leadership up in the air

Finely-aged pastors [and parishioners]

Government offers bailout to churches

It's a Wonderful Life—and ministry

The List (And it's not "The 50 Most Influential Christians in America.")

Membership standards for the modern church: Homeland Security style

"Steal or No Steal": A new way to pick pastors

The Twitter Bible

Top ten top great things about being in ministry

Top ten signs the staff is stressed out

Top ten signs the youth pastor wants the senior pastor's job

What would a "biblical" church look like?

The Whoopie Cushion Code: Extreme exegesis!

Worship songs almost everyone can sing: Perfect for "seeker" services

X-treme Sunday schoolCopy

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