Life as a human tetherball

September 20th, 2017 | Posted by jameswatkins in Uncategorized

I’m sure my friends in Mexico and the Caribbean are feeling like human tetherballs as two earthquakes and two Category 5 hurricanes have struck them this way and that. And my friends in Texas and Florida are still battered from dual hurricanes and those in the west are still recovering from destructive wildfires.

For those unfamiliar with this violent game (“head injuries on a stick”), a volleyball is hung from a tall metal pole with a rope (tether). The players on opposite sides of the pole try to hit the ball—one clockwise, one counterclockwise—until one player winds the ball all the way around the pole so that it is stopped by the rope. A steel pole. A heavy ball flying directly at the contestants’ faces. What possibly could go wrong?!

Maybe you, too, have felt like life is punching you in the face as you reel in the opposite direction, then you’re struck again and propelled the other way. You’re in constant motion, being struck this way and then that with health crises, financial hardships, relationship problems, etc. etc. There is hope. [Continue reading]


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