Hope and Humor ‘zine: Prep’ing for Easter issue

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Lent, not to be confused with the stuff in the dryer filter, is a time of spiritual preparation for Easter. It includes the 40 days (not including Sundays) leading up to the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. So, here’s some hope and humor for Christian “preppers.”

Forty days of hope and humor

Top ten things I’m giving up for Lent (4. Golf pants)
Forty days of imitating Christ Devotions from one of my latest books: The Imitation of Christ
Easter cartoons
Easter eggs-pose’
Easter quips and quotations
Chocolate bunnies are good for you!

Looking for Jesus

Genuine Jesus or Counterfeit Christ
The Easter story in chronological order
Knowing who we are One of Christ’s last acts revealed who he was
They just don’t make crosses like they used to

He is risen!

“It is finished!” was announced before Christ’s resurrection
When “It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Comin'” just isn’t enough

The passion of the pastorate

Lent can be a stressful time for pastors. Not only are they prepping for meaningful services for Holy Week and Easter Sunday, but it’s also the time of with possible pastoral votes and perhaps searching for new positions afterward. Here is some hope and humor I’ve written for clergy magazines.
Top ten list: When you’re voted out
Wounded shepherds: When is it time to leave the flock?
Considering a post-clergy career?
Encouragement from the Book of Joe from my contribution to the book, Pause for Pastors

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