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‘Artificial intelligence’ and the image of God

Daniel Siegel, professor of psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine, makes the distinction between the brain—a three-pound tangled mass of neuro wiring—and the mind. He writes, “Your brain is part of the visible, tangible world of the body. Your mind is part of the invisible, transcendent world of thought, feeling, attitude, belief and imagination. The brain is the physical organ most associated with mind and consciousness, but the mind is not confined to the brain. And that is why Alexander Prokopovich, the Russian author of the first successful book created by computer in 2008, told the St. Petersburg Times, “The program can never become an author, like Photoshop can never be Raphael.”

So, here’s some encouragement that humans can never be completely replaced with robots!


To angry voters . . .

“So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

No, this is not from election year 2016. It’s from fictional TV commentator, Howard Beale, in the movie Network—from 1976. America has been angry for 40 years! It’s time to constructively deal with these issues, not just be angry and mad as hell. Here are some thoughts

To Donald Trump . . .

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, told the Christian Broadcasting Network, The Bible is “an incredible book, so many things you can learn from the Bible and you can lead your life. I’m not just talking in terms of religion; I’m talking in terms of leading a life even beyond religion. There are so many brilliant things in the Bible.”

I’m not making any judgments on his love or knowledge of the Bible, but here are Top ten verses Donald Trump must have missed.


Top ten new titles for the upcoming Indiana Jones movie

My very funny friend, Michael Fraley, posted this on Facebook. I just had to share it with you. A tip of the fedora to you, Michael!

1. Indiana Jones and the Colonoscopy of Doom

2. Indiana Jones in the Golden Buckeye Retirement Home

3. Indiana Jones and the Search for His Lost Glasses

4. Indiana Jones and Mr. Puddy Wanna See A Scary Movie

5. Indiana Jones and the Scooter of Wal-Mart

6. Indiana Jones Takes His Pennies to the Bank

7. Indiana Jones Wants Him a Grandbaby

8. Indiana Jones and the Devil’s Dentures

9. Indiana Jones and the Sorcerer’s Kidney Stones

10. Indiana Jones and the Hiked Up Pants


This week’s cartoon

Here’s my favorite cartoon of the week. Get your daily dose on Facebook and in the archives. And follow my race for the White House at Watkins for President 2016.

Quips and quotations for the week

Many Christians are in the place that the Lord has appointed them, and yet the devil is harassing their lives with a sense that they are not quite pleasing the Lord. If they could just settle down in the place that God has assigned them and fill it faithfully and lovingly for Him, there would be more joy in their hearts and more power in their lives. God puts us in various places to serve Him, and the secret of accomplishing the most is to recognize our place as designated from Him and our service in it as pleasing to Him. Even in the great factory or the complex machine there is a place for the smallest screw and rivet as well as the great driving wheel and piston. So God has His ‘small parts’ whose business is simply to stay where He puts them and to believe that He wants them there and is making the most of their lives in the little spaces that they fill for Him. A. B. Simpson

40 Days of Imitating Christ continues

My new daily Lent devos with excerpts from The Imitation of Christ: Classic Devotions in Today’s Language continue on Facebook. This modernization of Thomas à Kempis’ devotional book would make a great morning and evening read during Lent.

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