Hope and humor ‘zine: Easter 2016

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He is risen! He is here!

A local church announced on their sign, “HE IS RISEN! HE IS NOT HERE.” They may want to reconsider that message. Christ is risen, indeed, but he also living within those who have believed on his name! Click for my favorite Easter columns, quotation and cartoons. And do have a wonderful Easter celebrating that he is risen. He is here!


It’s Sunday, but Jesus is comin’!

Author Tony Campolo’s most famous message declares, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Comin’.” Jesus has been unjustly charged and condemned to die. It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin’. The religious and political tyrants have stopped His rebellious message. It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin’. He has been brutally beaten, stripped, and nailed to a cross. It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin’. Christ is sealed in a tomb, his dead body guarded by Roman soldiers. It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin’. The message builds to a powerful conclusion when the pastor simply shouts, “It’s Friday!” and the congregation responds, “But Sunday’s comin’.

But it’s Easter Sunday. . . and throughout the world, people are suffering from Tuesday’s deadly terrorist attacks, crime and violence, life-threatening diseases like Zika, effects of abuse and divorce, unemployment or “under employment,” depression, and grief from a the loss of a loved one. “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin'” is not always comforting. But that’s only half of the story of Christ. Read one of my favorite posts, It’s Sunday, but Jesus is comin’!


Cartoon of the week

Here’s my favorite cartoon of the past week. The difference between Islam and Christianity is the New Testament: Are Islam and Christianity peaceful religions?.

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Things my grandkids say . . .

While watching our granddaughters last week, they decided to play therapist:

Eight-year-old: “Express your feelings.”

Ten-year-old: “I’m mad and sad. My brother hit me in the face, but Mom blamed me.”

Eight-year-old: “I have some deep thoughts for you. Take notes. I also have some pills for you. Just take these.”

Ten-year-old: “I feel worse after talking with you. I want to punch you.”

Eight-year-old: “I have my own issues. I don’t know why I’m a counselor. So, here’s a certificate for being a good patient!”

(I’m sure they didn’t get this from their mom! She’s an amazing therapist.)

Quips and quotations on aging

A great benefit of getting older is that you learn to stop looking for other people’s approval. Katrina Mayer

Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength. Betty Friedan

The older you get the more important it is to not act your age. GrowingBolder.com

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been. Mark Twain

Don’t count the days, make the days count. Muhammad Ali

Aging is not a disease that needs to be cured. It’s an opportunity that needs to be seized. Marc Middleton

Keeping my chin up was easier when I had just one! Me, from Over the Hill Onto the Mountain Top

Plus, Easter quips and quotations. And read more quotations of hope and humor from my book Why? Over 1,000 Quotations on Life’s Most Difficult Questions.

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