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Praying for Germany

07.22.16 My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Munich following today’s shootings at mall. Early reports suggest shooters specifically targeted children. Here are some links that may be helpful:
Dealing with death and grief
Talking to your children about terrorism
Taking the terror out of terrorism

Christian Flag
WWJE? Who would Jesus elect?

07.20.16 Every presidential candidate in 2016, except for Jewish Bernie Sanders, claims to be a Christian! So, WWJE? Who would Jesus elect? It’s not an easy question. [Continue reading]

Plus, visit my James Watkins for President page.

Top ten rejected Pokémon characters

07.17.16 With Pokémon Go becoming the most-downloaded app of all time, I have in my right hand, direct from my home office in Corn Borer, Indiana, today’s category: [Continue reading]

High-tech, low life?

07.17.16 Mark “Chris” Sevier loves his laptop computer. I mean, he really, really loves his Mac. In fact, he wants to marry it! (That’s Sevier and the love of his life on the right.) I suspect the honeymoon will be spent in his parent’s basement! The love of technology does have some glitches. [Continue reading]

All lives matter

07.10.16 An indepth report on race relations by the numbers concerning overall perceptions, relationships with law enforcement and the church, etc. (Originally published in Rescue magazine.) [Continue reading]

Keeping your dreams alive

07.03.16 We all have dreams, no matter what age: to be a firefighter, a princess, a parent, a successful businessperson, pastor of a “mega-church,” a retiree in Florida. But somewhere between the womb and the tomb, those dreams die. [Continue reading]

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