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January 1st, 2017 | Posted by jameswatkins in Uncategorized

Welcome to a new year and a new issue of “Hope and Humor.” I’m featuring strategies for a new you in 2017: new predictions, new plans, new identity and more. (I’m especially excited about my new identity in the New Year.)

New Year predictions

My annual predictions for the New Year have been 99 percent accurate for the past 20 years. I know, it’s kind of scary!

1. A Hollywood couple will break up citing “irreconcilable differences.” [Continue reading]

New plans

God has a plan for your relationships, schedule, location and more in 2017 as evidenced in the Christmas story. He’s more organized and in control than the best wedding planner! [Continue reading

New habits

From the award-winning The Why Files series, here’s hope and help for “Breaking Habits Before They Break You.” You can develop new habits in 2017!

New love

Many people spend their lives, as the old song goes, “Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places.” So, how do we find real, lasting love? Here’s how . . . [Continue reading]

New identity

“Who are you? Who, who? Who, who?” What’s your identity? Spouse? Parent? Rodeo clown? Other?

If so, what happens when death or divorce takes your spouse? Your kids leave the nest? You’re forced into early retirement by a 2,000-pound steer? [Continue reading]

New Year traditions

Time Square’s lighted ball gets all the press, but other cities across America drop all kinds of things at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. Some very strange things! [Continue reading]

New top ten list

I have in my right hand, direct from my home office in Corn Borer, Indiana, today’s category: Top ten posts from 2016. First, from the Web:

And the number one post, earning nearly one-fifth of all page views in 2016:

And the number one Facebook post of 2016:

Click for Hope and Humor’s commentary on 2016 election coverage. “We reported; you shook your head”

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Plus, you can also access over 300 posts—more encouragement and entertainment than you can shake a memory stick at—on death, faith, health, heavy topics, holidays, hope, humor, life hacks, love, parents, sex, spiritual issues and writing resources. But wait, there’s more: free stuff. Enjoy!

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New Years Eve clock photo: livescience.com
Hands making heart photo: PlusQuotes.com
Giant corn cob: Corn Borer Chamber of Commerce

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