90 Minutes in Heaven–or not?

September 18th, 2015 | Posted by jameswatkins in Uncategorized


90 Minutes in Heaven opens this weekends at a theater near you. Based on the best-selling book by Don Piper, the film tells the story of his horrific head-on crash with a semi truck in which he is pronounced dead at the scene. Here’s how the book describes what happens next:

      For the next 90 minutes, Piper experiences heaven where he is greeted by those who had influenced him spiritually. He hears beautiful music and feels true peace. Back on earth, a passing minister who had also been at the conference is led to pray for Don even though he knows the man is dead. Piper miraculously comes back to life and the bliss of heaven is replaced by a long and painful recovery. For years Piper kept his heavenly experience to himself. Finally, however, friends and family convinced him to share his remarkable story.

So, is it possible to visit heaven and return to earth?

Here’s a chapter from my 2000 book, The Why Files: Is There Really Life After Death, which asks some tough questions for the many people who claim to have visited heaven and returned. (I posted this after the story of a four-year-old’s visit was told in the popular movie, Heaven Is for Real.)

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  • Pam Halter says:

    Several years ago, I read a book called “Deceived by the Light” by Douglass Groothuis which was a Christian response to “Embraced by the Light.” The author compared all the experiences and sights Betty Eadie claimed she saw with Scripture. And Scripture blew them all out of the water. Mr. Groothuis also suggested that Satan, who is a deceiver and liar here on Earth, is also the deceiver and liar in the spirit realm. Why couldn’t he deceive people in the spirit? It made sense to me. I think you’d like the book, Jim. It’s out of print, but you can still find it on amazon.

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