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We insist that we typeset your book for a couple of reasons. First, it insures that the finished product looks professionally created and achieves a high standard of interior design. Secondly, our equipment is designed to interface directly with our printers which speeds the manufacturing process and eliminates potential misunderstandings concerning the final product. Many companies charge up to $9.00 per page to typeset your book for you. With ACW Press this service is included in our prices.

Cover Design

We employ some of the most creative graphics designers in the industry. While you have full control over the final cover and can have significant input into the original design, our personnel will insure that you receive top market quality in the finished product. A high gloss UV finish is also applied to the cover to protect it and to give it that quality look. Some designers can charge up to $1500 for a quality cover and the four color separations. With ACW Press this service is included in our prices.

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While we cannot rewrite your book for you, we can provide years of editorial experience and expertise to your manuscript. Included in our prices is an initial overall edit of content, form and organization, a grammar edit, line proofing, and a professional copy editor who will be paid by us to catch the inevitable errors that have crept into the manuscript. Prices at other firms for this type of service vary. We estimate its market value to be in the neighborhood of $800 for a 200 page single spaced manuscript. With ACW Press this service is included in our prices.

Manuscript Critique

There are occasions where an author needs to have a professional editor do a pre-edit of a manuscript before considering it for publication. We recommend you visit our manuscript critique page for more information on this service. This service is not included in our regular prices.

ISBN number

This is the International Standard Book Number that identifies and distinguishes your book from all others. Every bookstore in the country uses this number to track the sales of an individual title. You could apply for your own personal ISBN number, but the current application fee is $25. With ACW Press, it is included in our prices. See example below.

Bar Code

Essential for sales in all retail outlets, the bar code on the back of your book is critical to its acceptance in most stores. Without bar codes most chains and independent bookstores will refuse to stock your book. The code itself must follow the prescribed standards set by the international standards community (Bookland/EAN). There are services that can provide one for you, but the cost ranges from $20-$40. At ACW Press, it is included in our prices.


The copyright notification is printed in the inside cover of the book and is issued in the author’s name and therefore all rights are the property of the author, not ACW Press. If you wish to officially register the book with the government copyright office we can direct you to the appropriate information. The normal government registration is $30. We feel that with today's copyright laws official government registration is unnecessary.


In addition to all of this, we use book printers whose work you find on the shelves of your general bookstore. These are consummate professionals whose essential business is manufacturing the highest quality book they can.

Marketing, Fulfillment and Distribution

For authors who print 2,500 copies or more we have a full-service fulfillment warehouse that accepts credit card purchases and uses an 800 number. The setup fee of $400 is waived for the first year for those printing 2,500 copies or more. Click here for more details.

Email Reg Forder at mailto:ACWriters@aol.com for a quote or more information.

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