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Complete your manuscript and prepare it like you would if you were sending it electronically to a major royalty publisher. Click here for detailed specification. Make sure you have another set of eyes look over your manuscript to help catch any typographical errors.

• Determine the format or binding you want for your book. Remember that a hardcover binding will cost at least two and a half dollars more, per book, than a paperback.

• Consider any artwork or photos you want to include. Line art such as illustrations, graphs, etc. are relatively easy to include. However, photos require additional camera work and increase the overall cost.

• Decide how many copies will be best for your distribution plans. Every publishing project is different. Remember that all the pre-press work of editing, cover design, typesetting, etc. is the same whether you print 100 books or 10,000. Consequently the more you print the more the pre-press costs are spread out over the total print run. The included sample pricing chart illustrates this rather dramatically.

• Make an initial budget. Remember to include funds for the marketing of your finished book. ACW Press has no hidden costs. This enables you to gather the resources you need to make your project a success.

• Send us the word count for your manuscript and the number of copies you wish, and we'll send you a contract and get right to work on your manuscript. Submit your manuscript according to the spec page. If you have any questions, please contact our editorial advisor at jim@jameswatkins.com.

Payments are required in four stages:

1) One half (50%) of the quoted price (which excludes freight, overruns, and any additional expenses) is due when the contract is signed.

2) One fourth (25%) of the quoted price is due when the first galley or page proofs are returned to the Publisher.

3) One fourth (25%) of the quoted price is due with the return of the second set of galley or page proofs and the approval of the final cover design. This must occur before the book is sent to the printer.

4) When final blue lines and cover proofs are returned to Publisher by Author, postage, overnight charges, additional cover designs requested, estimated charges for freight, an estimated 8% printing overrun and Author's alterations will be paid. After this payment is made the book will be printed. Any overcharge on this estimated payment will be refunded to the Author within thirty days of the ship date. Any costs charged to the Publisher for changes to the printer's blue lines will be deducted from the refund.

The Publishing Process

1. The contract is signed and the first payment is made.

2. We edit the first draft of the manuscript while the artist is designing the cover.

3. You approve the initial editing work and the typesetting begins.

4. Page proofs and a color proof of the cover design are sent to you for your approval. Second payment is made.

5. Corrections are made to the page proofs and any adjustments are made to the cover design. These are sent for your approval and the third payment is made. 6. Now the book is ready to go to press. The printer makes a final set of blue lines and cover proofs that are sent to you for approval. Avoid any significant changes at this juncture. The final estimated payment is made and the book goes to press. By this time the publishing process has taken approximately four months.

7. Printed, bound, and finished books are delivered to your door.

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