Happy Administrative Professional Day!

April 22nd, 2019 | Posted by jameswatkins in Uncategorized

If you’re an administrative professional, I have a few posts to celebrate you!

As editorial director at a publishing house, I could be gone for days at a time, and projects would continue moving smoothly along. But if my editorial assistant was gone for a day, the whole office went off the rails. (Thanks, Roxanne, for being the best!)

Top ten difference between “secretaries” and “administrative professionals”

APs win gold in Office Olympics

Are you your own AP? (The joys of working from home)

And a Happy Administrative Professional Day to my student intern, Abbie Kessler! (See pic.) If you’ve noted positive changes on my website and social media, that’s Abbie’s great work. She’s a senior at Taylor University and looking for a job in editing or English as a second language. So, if you have a opening or know someone who knows someone, please get in touch. I would highly recommend her!

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