Lent and Easter hope and humor

Forty days (minus Sundays) of spiritual preparation for Easter Sunday celebration
When praises turn to ashes
Top ten things I’m giving up for Lent
Forty days of imitating Christ Devotions from my 2016 book, The Imitation of Christ

Palm Sunday
Celebration of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem
The Easter story in chronological order for each day of Holy Week

Maundy Thursday
Celebration of Christ’s Last Supper with disciples
Knowing who we are One of Christ’s last acts revealed who he was

Good Friday
Commemoration Christ’s death and burial
They just don’t make crosses like they used to
“It is finished!” was announced before Christ’s resurrection

Easter Sunday
Celebration of Christ’s resurrection
Easter cartoons
Easter eggs-pose’
Easter quips and quotations
Chocolate bunnies are good for you!
When “It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Comin'” just isn’t enough

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