Does DNA disprove evolution?


Modern research in biochemistry brings into question the following “truths” of evolution.

“Truth” 1: So-called “intelligent design” is biblical creationism in disguise.

      The conclusion of intelligent design flows naturally from the data itself—not from sacred books or sectarian beliefs . . . The reluctance of science to embrace the conclusion of intelligent design . . . has no justifiable foundation. . . . Most people, including many important and well-respected scientists, just don’t want there to be anything beyond nature (Michael Behe, molecular scientist from Lehigh University, Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, 1996).

      I am sorry to say, freedom of inquiry in science is being suppressed. Under a new anti-religious dogmatism, scientists and educators are not allowed to even think thoughts that involve an intelligent creator. They cannot even mention the possibility that—as Newton or Galileo believed—these laws were created by God or a higher being. They could get fired, lose tenure, have their grants cut off. This can happen. It has happened. (Ben Stein, author, actor, film-maker in Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed).

“Truth” 2: Evolution is a fact supported by scientific evidence upon which every scientist agrees.

      Scientists who go about teaching that evolution is a fact of life are great con-men, and the story they are telling may be the greatest hoax ever (Dr. T. N. Tahmisian, Atomic Energy Commission, USA).

      Evolution is a fairy tale for grown-ups. This theory has helped nothing in the progress of science. It is useless (Professor Louis Bounoure, Director of Research, National Center of Scientific Research).

      [Evolutionary theory] is still, as it was in Darwin’s time, a highly speculative hypothesis entirely without direct factual support . . . (Michael Denton, molecular biologist)

Over 400 scientists are “convinced by new scientific evidence that Darwinian evolution is deficient.”

“Truth” 3: Life began as simple, single-celled organisms

Darwin wrote his theory in the 19th century when it was believed that a cell was just “a homogeneous globule of protoplasm.” They did not know about DNA or the complex processes that go on inside a cell. Today, we know that there is no such thing as a “simple” cell. (See drawing above of a “simple” cell.)

      Each cell in the human body contains more information than in all thirty volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica. It’s certainly reasonable to make the inference that this isn’t the random product of unguided nature, but it’s the unmistakable sign of an Intelligent Designer (Walter L. Bradley, The Mystery of Life’s Origin).

Biochemist Michael Behe (Darwin’s Black Box) argues that many biological systems are “irreducibly complex” at the molecular level. Behe gives the following definition of irreducible complexity:

Behe starts with the example of a mousetrap; he claims that a standard mousetrap is “irreducibly complex”. Such a mousetrap consists of:

      1) a flat wooden platform to act as a base

      2) a metal hammer, which does the actual job of crushing the little mouse

      3) a spring with extended ends to press against the platform and the hammer when the trap is charged

      4) a sensitive catch that releases the hammer when slight pressure is applied

      5) a metal bar that connects to the catch and charged hammer (there are also assorted staples to hold the system together)

Behe then continues with his logic as to why this system is “irreducibly complex”:

      Which part could be missing and still allow you to catch a mouse? If the wooden base were gone, there would be no platform for attaching the other components. If the hammer were gone, the mouse could dance all night on the platform without becoming pinned to the wooden base. If there were no spring, the hammer and platform would jangle loosely, and again the rodent would be unimpeded. If there were no catch or metal holding bar, then the spring would snap the hammer shut as soon as you let go of it…

      A mousetrap cannot “evolve” slowly, bit by bit. All of the parts must be in place at the same time. The same with such things as DNA.

“Truth” 4: Evolution is possible over billions and billions of years

Evolutionists claim that although we have not actually observed these things happening, that does not mean that they are impossible. They say it simply means they are extremely improbable. It is extremely improbable that you can toss a coin and have it come up heads 100 times in a row. But if you toss coins long enough, eventually it will happen. Evolutionists think the world has been around long enough for all these highly improbable things to happen.

      If you took all the carbon in the universe and put it on the face of the earth, allowed it to chemically react at the most rapid rate possible, and left it for a billion years, the odds of creating just one functional protein molecule would be one chance in a 10 with 60 zeros after it. In other words, the odds for all practical purposes are zero. That’s why even though some people who aren’t educated in [molecular science and DNA research] still believe life emerged by chance, scientists simple don’t believe it anymore. (Walter L. Bradley, The Mystery of Life’s Origin).

So, at least for me, it takes much more faith to believe in evolution than to believe in an intelligent designer.

© Copyright 1999 James N. Watkins

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23 Responses

  • Jayne Ludwikoski says:

    Thank you for your insights on evolution vs intelligent design. You are brave to speak out and risk ostracism. Is there a public website where scientists collaborate on the holes in the theory of evolution?

  • Mark Illidge says:

    If all the parts must be in place at the same time for DNA to exist in the first place and it cannot evolve slowly, bit by bit, how on earth do people entertain the notion it all just happened by chance for one second? Clearly it did not!

  • rick says:

    not to mention the second law of thermo. it can be tested here on earth to be in affect..

  • alex says:

    Evolution is possible over billions and billions of years…or Hundreds… or even decades….
    Of course, it is. We see every day, things changing, even with in the human race. There is tons of evidence for evolution so I want go into things that can be simply googled or seen from out your kitchen window. Also, you speak of all the carbon in the universe and how long it would take to form a protein here on earth. Who says that the basis of life was “formed” here on earth? The foundation of alot of your arguments are weak and the theories their associated with as well “aka religion”. All that you have done is put a stop on true science and said that this was made by a “designer”, why? Because it looks as so… Come on guy. Do better. I know you have the right to post anything you want, but geesh. Don’t teach ignorance and defiantly don’t teach people that when they don’t have an answer for something, that they should just go off and say its what it looks like… CREATIONISM is an idea and that is it. By the way,

    • Louis says:

      You mistake evolution (change of kind/species) and adaptation in same kind limited by gene!
      Don’t tell me out of my windows there is evolution??? Where do you live man take picture or film they worth millions $!
      For the: “we do no science, come on guys” wow…what to say! Maybe if you through a dice 6 time you may get a 6 once! But a 7 NEVER…. that’s the science behind the carbon idea thing You have no science!
      You obviously don’t know the evolutionist position.
      Yeh, we do have a “lack” at the beginning God, we start with that. You start with what?
      **I know evolution is distinct from big bang theory but it is also related in a way because where does the DNA, gene protein came from in evolution? **
      We give name like DNA but put it that way where that superb intelligent program in DNA came from?
      We call that a theory or belief in both faith and from that we construct and test proove the idea.
      Evolution lack proof all the way all the time.
      Creationism: so much hypothesis confirmed and you are just eyes wide shut!

    • Joel says:

      Alex, it appears as if you’re projecting.

  • Larry says:

    come on man evolution going on to day in humans lmaooooooooooooooooooooo last time i checked i have not heard of humans evolving the theory of evolution is flawed and inaccurate lol going on in the human race show me one case

  • Eric Melbourne says:

    I was an evolutionist for over forty years. My belief in this hypothesis kept me from believing in the Bible or Jesus Christ as a reality. I became a Christian when I read of scientists who didn’t believe in evolution but decided to make a check on this myself. I obtained all the data and information I could on the earths population, that is the secular estimations. Having then calculated back to when human life finished I found it was only around 5,000 years ago. I knew that was approximately the time of Noah’s flood. For me if that was correct there was no reason to doubt the rest of the Bible. I still enjoy science but as no one was around so many millions of supposed years ago we cannot in all honesty pass this off as scientific. Evolution is a religion that has no witness. Biblical Christianity has many witnesses, I am one. There isn’t room to go into detail but I have had many experiences at a time when I didn’t believe, but those experiences have no other solution than God exists, His book the Bible is true and Jesus Christ is my Saviour. “The fool says in his heart there is no God”. Psalm 14:1. If you have a genuine desire for the truth yet do not believe I would defy you to go into a room alone and ask God to show if He is real or not. You only need a genuine heart to find the truth. God will be in touch, I promise!

    • Lou Stacey says:

      God bless you as you bless others with your uplifting testimony of the power and grace of Jesus Christ to seek out and find His sheep, no matter where they may have wandered. Thank you, brother, for sharing. Shalom and Maranatha!

  • The Evolutionist’s Dilemma

    What do you do when you’ve invested so much in a theory, even proselytized others on its scientific validity, and then see every new archaeological discovery prove it wrong?

    You go into cognitive dissonant mode.

    The massive collection of fossils discovered to date show that survival of the fittest (as attributed to evolution) never happened — the vast majority of fossils seem to represent the “fit.” The “unfit,” the ones that allegedly didn’t survive, are practically non-existent.

    Yes, we all know how genetic code pass down mostly the beneficial mutations to perpetuate the hardiest of the species. But this nonsense misses the point. In scenarios of “survival of the fittest” or “natural selection,” there would be those that were “not fit” or “not selected.” Where are they? The absence of the unfit in the fossil record indicates that all life forms came into existence already “fit” and “selected.” How do you account for such a practically flawless success rate?

    Of course, there is the misguided notion of how the misfit generally don’t spawn successive generations and therefore leave few telltale traces. The problem with this notion is that accidental chaos happens in far greater numbers than accidental benefits. Fossils of the misfit, even if they never survived to spawn successive generations, should have far outnumbered our current collection of fossils. But they hardly exist.

    Natural selection on the genetic level cannot account for this inexplicable lack of “misfit” fossils. Before the first drastically different family of life forms (the first dog, the first bird, the first snake, etc.) came into existence, the genetic code could not possibly have held the genetic design for their precise characteristics. At some point, drastic genetic mutations must have occurred to produce these new life forms. And for every “first” of a new life form, there would have to have been the spawning of literally millions of misfit predecessor variations that were weeded out by natural selection. Then you’d have survival of the fittest. As it stands, we have only the fit.

    It’s one thing to claim that natural selection on the genetic level can weed out bad genes. But that the genetic process can weed out, prior to birth, the first birds without wings, fish without fins, lions without teeth, etc., is preposterous. These aberrations would have to exist before they could be eliminated by natural selection.

    The possible variations of “misfit” creatures are almost limitless. There is simply no explanation for how nature produced virtually every new life form in a state already fit to survive, as the fossil record shows over and over.

    There’s no question that life forms can mutate in relatively minor ways to adapt to an environment. But for completely new families of creatures to suddenly appear without any telltale signs of trial-and-error that clearly show how the myriad of misfits fell by the wayside till nature finally got it right, is impossible to explain.

    Evolution is a modern invention of a God-less religion. It’s interesting how a common response you get when confronting evolutionists with legitimate disproofs of evolution is: “You don’t understand evolution.” Really? The only ones who seem to “understand” evolution are those who believe in it.

    Another common response is the label “creationist,” regardless of whether you mentioned Creation or not. This is ironic coming from those who believe in primitive notions of how life inexplicably develops.

    Another response is ridicule. This is understandable; if you have nothing to defend your position, what else can you resort to?

    Evolution is little more than lunacy cloaked in scientific jargon. Sorcery and witchcraft were also “scientific” and “well understood” in their time. None of it was ever based on evidence, yet had strong followings. Evolution fulfills 21st Century man’s need to believe in a great mystical power beyond himself. Welcome to the supernatural.

    — Please feel free to copy, post, email and freely distribute this message —

    • JUDE says:

      Thank you….very very good and well said…

      • James says:

        This is so wonderful. I am not alone. There are millions of us! Perhaps billions! I can’t wait for the day that the entire world accepts intelligent design. Then we’ll all give God credit for His great works.

        By the way, research on the evidence of a young earth, perhaps less than 50,000 years old. Examples include the slowing down of the earth’s rotation. low sediment level in the ocean, low levels of salt in the ocean, the rate of recession of the moon from the earth, excessive bending of strata and the appearance of organic matter and DNA, yes, DNA, in dinosaur bones!

        Without a healthy helping of billions of years, evolution becomes a mere historical embarrassment.

        • John says:

          While the theory of evolution doesn’t seem to hold much validity, that doesn’t mean someone accepting that fact believes god is the reason why.

          To people like me who are just unsure (but do believe in god), it’s just offensive for people to assume you’ve “seen the light”.

          If your a human being and you follow the bible, you are still a human being that has faith based off a religion and a book you believe to be a true story.

          If your a human being and you believe in evolution, you are still a human being that has faith based on a story in several textbooks.

          One is not better than the other, that is all you are, and I am, a human being. The truth is you don’t know, and your books, societal beliefs, and religions have you assume you do know, then push that ignorance on to others.

          I believe in god for that matter, but to each man his own. Just enjoy what you do know, the life before your very eyes, and realize it’s fun to wonder sometimes.

          I’ll leave the relevant science (trying to figure things out for the sake of curing disease, not proving some religious theory) to the scientists.

    • Dan says:

      You don’t see “unfit” fossils because that lineage doesn’t reproduce (they die off because the mutation was harmful). God created via evolution (or else He is “testing” us by leaving us such obvious proof of Old Earth and evolution).

      • Jonathan says:

        Obvious proof? Where? I see no such fossil and/or skeletal record showing a transition from one critter to another or to humans. The best there is are bits and pieces here and there and then having an artist make it into whatever leap of faith they want it to be. Then there’s the complete fossils that even evolutionists argue over or the plant or critter is found to still be around/alive after all these millions of years- unchanged.

      • Kristy says:

        check your “old world proof” again. They were just assumptions just like evolution (not to be confused with adaptation allowed within the species) and the Spontaneous life theories that are being disproved every day in favor of young earth discoveries and intelligent design. Do some research and you will see. The earth isn’t billions of years old and that’s becoming apparent. Gone are the days when “scientists” promoting evolution, old earth, and life spontaneously forming out of nothing can cherry pick their data and skew it to sound logical. Why are some people so afraid of admitting intelligent design is all around us and that there is an intelligent designer behind it all? I’d much rather know I was designed for a purpose than an accident. . . .

  • V.Hung Pham says:

    Evolution is the worst mistake in the history of science.
    DNA code proves that evolution is wrong.
    Darwinian evolutionists are liars!


  • Seanan Hunjan says:

    i got an single liner for both evolution and the disprove of it
    Evolution says,
    “There was nothing and for no reason whatsoever, nothing happened to that nothing to create something…..and later that something for no reason ( remember that we arent the most “fittest” ) became someone…….. ”

    Disprove (DNA)-
    DNA is information, and information is not matter just plain information therefore no material processes can make information ( processes like a meteor strike, lightning, etc )………….Since Evolution has no intelligent being to make information thus DNA should not happen

    “The universe began with the Big Bang, which simply followed the inevitable law of physics,” Hawking writes. “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing”

    BUT……….Who said that Gravity should act like it does and who said that certain Laws of Science should be functioning in the way they do……Are not these Laws abstract and not material……

    I am not saying believe in GOD only…just saying ,”Why stand on a sinking boat?? If there is a floating one???…..Why is creation being attacked ( not that I am afraid of that cause creation has all evidence its needs ) while Evolution was so easily adopted???”.

    I understand defending ones beliefs but following one belief with is on sinking sand is STUPIDITY!!!!!

    Evolution chances are-
    1 divided by 10 raise to the power One Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion Trillion ( and counting as more research shows the increasing complexity of nature ).

  • Scott says:

    I appreciate this discussion and all the well worded opinions of each advocate. I believe in God . The evolution theory has always frustrated
    me by the irrational debates. Although I can’t prove God’s existence, I can lean on the evidence of DNA as proof of intelligent design.

  • say thanks to so mucha lot for your website it helps a great deal

  • Ross Wind says:

    With all the life forms supposedly from 500 million years, transitional fossils should have been fairly easy to find. Between the 19th and the 21st century, millions of fossils were found. None were transitional fossils. If the theory was correct, we should have found millions of them. It is so bad that evolutionists do not use fossils as evidence for evolution anymore. And yet, in some dishonest sites, they used longtime left out proof because they don’t have anything else. The September 14, 2016 CNN News article title “Evolution Just Got Harder to Defend” explained how a new fossil discovery makes it even tougher for Darwinists to explain the origin of life. Darwin said that the only way to establish his theory was by the fossils record. We should ask ourselves about the honesty of many evolutionists from the past. Hundreds of books stated that they found transitional fossils, we know now there was all made up proof. True scientists would not fabricate evidence, true scientist would only look at the facts without preconceptions. If they used preconceptions, it is no longer in the scientific domain, it is pure doctrinal, closer to a form of religion. Fossils are not the only problem the evolutionists are struggling with. In fact it is so bad that the Nature magazine of the October 8, 2014, titles an article ” Does evolutionary theory need a rethink? ” Two evolution clans have different opinions. Other crashes inside the evolutionist community has happened many times before. It would not happen if evolution was a fact. Nothing really new under the sun. The reason there were so many disproval and frauds since the beginning of Darwin’s theory is because, it’s very hard to prove something that never happened.

  • Brian Nichols says:

    People let their world view shape their science instead of the other way around. Let the science shape your world view. You can call it intelligent causation for the things we now see in science, information in cells, DNA, and RNA. You don’t have to say it’s God if that makes you uncomfortable. At some point, you may decide to call that intelligence God. I do because I read the Bible and saw all the prophecies written thousands of years ahead of them happening. I know the truth when I confront it.

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