Why? Some thoughts on life’s tough questions

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  • James,
    This is an excellent article. it so relates to all of us. Isn’t it interesting how God humbles us and educates us in the process? As a caregiver of the elderly for years and still caring for my 94-year old mother, it amazes me at how many people treat the elderly like they are outcasts! These are the same people who have a difficult time adjusting to their own old age.
    We are all God’s creatures whether we are developmentally disabled, physically disabled or elderly. Depression (I feel) is the result of physical problems much in the same way as Diabetes or Arthritis; just with different symptoms. Addiction in my opinion is caused from physical tendencies and is more difficult for some people to avoid than others.
    Again, great article. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great ministry
    pat Brown Holland

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