Introducing JamesWatkins 60.0

Release date: February 16, 2012
Contact: jim @

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of JamesWatkins: Version 60.0!

JamesWatkins has been in constant development since 1952 when Version 0.1 was introduced to the world. The Beta version was extremely rudimentary with only the most basic functions and virtually no random memory. Between versions 0.1 and 18.1, vital input was programmed into JamesWatkins’ CPU by godly parents and peripheral platforms such as the local church, Campus Life and public school system.

Versions 18.2 through 22.0 saw dramatic changes in the integration of personal operating systems with applications of college, dating and the embedding of spiritual input.

The most dramatic changes, however, occurred between versions 22.1 and 30.0 in dedicated and compatible networking with LoisFarraWatkins 20.1 and the introduction of FaithAnne 0.1 in 1978 and PaulJames 0.1 in 1982. While there were numerous bugs and glitches, the networking was remarkably free from crashes and fatal errors.

In 1982, JamesWatkins 30.0’s previous programming protocols were unified so as to specialize in creating high-level language systems in solving spiritual and moral issues of target computers through articles, books and speaking protocols. By Version 40.0 the scope and complexity of these operations expanded to include communicating to the global market in nearly 20 countries and appearing on national television and Internet platforms reaching an audience of millions.

However, with the burst of the “ bubble” in 2000, so came the crash of JamesWatkins 50.0. After 14 published books, over 2,000 articles, and 20 years of weekly columns, dramatic changes in publishing platforms wiped out network I/O. JamesWatkins 50.0 was forced to defragment, reconfigure and restore the entire operating system and settings. Spiritual networking with higher-level programming of the original Architect became the priority rather than system operations and global networking.

With the introduction of JamesWatkins.60.0, the operating system and settings hopefully and prayerfully honor the Architect with programming for even better and more productive computing in the future. And the introduction of third-generation programs—Micah 6.8, Hannah 6.8, Nathan 4.7, Kayla.4.2 and Keren 0.6—have dramatically translated processing priorities.

So, if you are familiar with previous versions, which admittedly contained some bad code and non-malicious viruses, please update to 60.0 for best experience. We are dedicated to providing integrated hope and humor on a wide spectrum of current and future platforms.

Copyright © 2012 James N. Watkins

If you’re not a geek, this simply means I’m turning 60 today and rather than thinking of myself as old, I’m choosing to think of myself as a new version. Okay, the mainframe (body) is looking a bit worn, but I thank the heavenly Father for some serious social and spiritual upgrades designed to keep my software (heart and soul) operating like new. And, if you are a geek, please excuse any misuse of computer terms. I simply went online and had fun slinging cyber slang together.

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