A top-ten list review of Star Wars VIII

I have in my right bionic hand, direct from my home base, today’s top ten list Top ten non-spoilers from Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Like every episode before it . . .

10. There are epic battle scenes. (The special effects continue to increase with complexity. Amazing!)

9. There are new space creatures—both cute and creepy. (Fortunately, there are no new Jar Jar Binks type characters! And I was so relieved that a wise-creacking porg didn’t replace Han Solo piloting the Millennium Falcon. That would have been so Disney!)

8. There are lightsaber battles. (Honestly, though, I’m getting a bit bored.)

7. There is laugh-out-loud humor. (Rogue One seemed pretty grim, so I was so glad to see the farce is strong in this one. Great one-liners and physical bits!)

6. Surprises! (There are some give-aways so that the biggest surprise is, afterward, not all that surprising. But it’s an amazing scene!)

5. The bad guys meet a horrific end. (The packed theater actually burst into applause as each villain bit the space dust.) The good guys meet an honorable end. (A bit of a spoiler, there are powerful scenes of self-sacrifice by the good guys—and girls.)

4. There are many scenes recycled from previous episodes. (Hey, I’m a big supporter of recycling, but not in books and movies. This felt like Episode V, but that’s my only complaint with VIII. This is, after all, Act II of a three-act play.)

3. Heroes overcome amazing odds! Can two humans and a droid win a battle against at least a thousand storm troopers? (Sorry, that’s a bit of a spoiler, but I was shaking my head at that scene.)

2. Love conquers hate. (I love that theme through the whole series.)

1. There is always hope. (From the very first Star Wars in 1977, there has always been a “new hope” despite the desperate situations. Hope is what our galaxy right here needs right now. I walked out of the theater rejuvenated after a long week of dealing with despairing situations. And I left inspired to keep fighting the good fight.)

May the force be with you.

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