Remembering God’s wonders, miracles . . .


Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles, and the judgments, he pronounced..
1 Chronicles 16:12

Tomorrow’s my birthday. And, as sort of a tradition, I like to reflect on what God’s been up to from one candle on the cake until today’s six-alarm fire. (That’s me with Mom and Dad just short of birthday number one.) You may want to reflect as well on God’s . . .


That God’s Spirit would draw a cynical and distrustful child to believe in him. That we can become “new creations” in Christ! That he would call call a “dangerously creative” teen into the ministry. And most amazing, that he would assign someone, who as a junior-high perv wanted to write porn, to write books on sexual purity.

That Lois Farra would want to marry me. That two tiny cells with twenty-three chromosomes each could grow into two wonderful children, Faith and Paul, and then further develop into five adorable grandchildren. (I am so grateful for recessive genes!)

That a clinically depressed, formerly suicidal, certified introvert would spend his time bringing hope and humor to readers and audiences around the world.

Mirable dictu!


The time in college when we drove 300 miles back home from a youth convention on New Year’s Day (when no gas stations were open) with the gas tank reading “empty.” When Lois walked out of the intensive care unit after a “fatal” lung infection. How a duct-taped recliner saved our lives. The year of financial miracles when I tried to write for a living. Restoration of broken relationships. The amazing miracles surrounding my overcoming cancer and the publication of The Imitation of Christ. The transformation of “hopeless” people—me being Exhibit A.


I’ll spare you the gory details, but God does have a way of correcting, disciplining, and humbling us in memorable ways! (You can read about it in my book, Squeezing Good Out of Bad.)

It really has been A Wonderful Life!

Spend a few moments yourself to “remember [all] God has done.” And then “give thanks to the Lord . . . sing praise to him, tell of all his wonderful acts”!

Copyright © 1992, 2015 James N. Watkins

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