Top ten great things about being an author

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I’m loving being at the Maranatha Christian Writers Conference. (Can’t wait to spend some time on the Lake Michigan beach!)

So, I have in my right hand, direct from my home office in Corn Borer, Indiana, today’s category: Top ten great things about being an author.

10. No heavy lifting. Since no physical skill or strength is required to be a word jock, your career isn’t over by age 30 like most major league athletes.

9. It’s cheaper than collecting antique cars. For the price of a ream of paper ($3.95 at Office Depot) you can write an epic novel or two nonfiction books. (Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was written on the back of an old envelope.)

8. It’s one of the few occupations you can perform in your underwear without the vice squad breaking down your door.

7. You can get your picture in the paper without the vice squad breaking down your door.

6. A chance to speak your mind long after you’re dead. All those authors from American and English Literature class had met their final deadlines long before you read them (or scanned the Cliff’s Notes).

5. It’s a great soapbox. Instead of annoying just your family and friends with your rants and raves, you can annoy thousands of people with your rants and raves.

4. On election day, you can vote more than once—legally. An editorial, a letter to the editor, even an email note, can sway readers’ votes, so get out and vote—repeatedly.

3. You can receive notes like this email from last week: “I am a 38 year old mother of four: two teenagers and two under the age of nine. I am writing to let you know how much your writing has lifted my spirits.”

2. It’s the closest thing to God’s “creatio ex nihilo—creating something out of nothing; using words to bring order out of chaos.

1. Writers have their very own holidays. Yep, we actually have three major holidays in the fall!

National Day on Writing October 20

National Authors Day November 1

National Novel Writing Month November 1-30

You can find a ream of resources right here at Hope and Humor for Writers. You’ll find articles and links about agents, conferences, editorial services, publishing houses, independent publishing and the writer’s life.

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2 Responses

  • Though minimum wage is far more than I’ve received from writing, the responses from those with changed lives are priceless.

    Computer crashes and broken flash drives containing the back-up could not defeat me. Even sleepless nights and the ongoing battle with words have ended in victory and fulfillment. I pray it is a win-win situation–for me as a writer and anyone who picks up one of my books to read.

    (This is no secret and I don’t care who knows it!

  • Janice Heck says:

    My number 11. You can let the housework go (again) because you have so much writing to do.

    But really, knowing that you have helped another person in some way makes it all worthwhile.

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