‘Don’t be afraid!’

April 12th, 2014 | Posted by jameswatkins in Uncategorized

Are you going through a dark and stormy night?

      When evening came, his disciples went down to the sea, and they entered into the boat, and were going over the sea to Capernaum. It was now dark, and Jesus had not come to them. The sea was tossed by a great wind blowing. When therefore they had rowed about twenty-five or thirty stadia, they saw Jesus walking on the sea, and drawing near to the boat; and they were afraid. But he said to them, “It is I. Don’t be afraid.” They were willing therefore to receive him into the boat. Immediately the boat was at the land where they were going (John 6:16-21).

How many times are we frightened by something drawing near in the dark? And then we discover . . . it’s Jesus! How much of what we fear in life is actually Jesus working in our lives? Difficult circumstances? Broken relationships? Illness? [Fill in the blank]? Are we willing to receive Jesus into our boat? And to trust him that he will safely take us where we are going?

Jesus, be with my friends who are facing a dark and stormy night physically, spiritually, financially or relationally. May they hear you say, “It is I. Don’t be afraid.” Help them to sense that you are with them in the middle of this storm. And guide them safely to the place he would have them to go.

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4 Responses

  • Lisa says:

    I’m pretty good when it comes to my own “storm” but when I see my kids going thru a storm, it is soooo difficult to allow God to work. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • jameswatkins says:

      I hear you, Lisa! I have to keep telling myself, “God loves my kids even more than I do,” so I have to let him work his plan in their lives. It’s not always easy!

  • Deb Dulworth says:

    Very good, Jim. Reminds me of a song. Isaiah 43. The chorus:
    “I am the Lord, God, Savior
    The Holy One of Israel,
    I am He Who created you,
    The One Who called you by your name.
    When you walk through the burning fire,
    when you pass through the flood.

    Fear not, for I am with you…Lord, God of Israel.
    Never thought I’d like a song that didn’t rhyme.
    This is one of my faves
    Blessings ~

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