May the force be with you

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Just 24 hours until the brand new Star Wars blasts into a galaxy near you! So here are some of my favorite columns, cartoons and top ten lists.

Columns from a galaxy far, far away

The Force Awakens universal questions
How does George Lucas come up with character’s names? A drunken game of Scrabble? How do light sabers work? Where do space royalty go for their hair and makeup? Do we all have a light and dark side? [Continue reading]

Star Wars III: modern morality play
Revenge of the Sith is a modern-day morality play where we witness a powerful struggle not only between good and evil, but the temptation to use evil for anticipated good; the end justifying the means. [Continue reading]

This Force never sleeps
In Episode VII, “The Force Awakens.” Has it been taking a nap? Has it been frozen in carbonite? Did it pass out at the Mos Eisley Cantina? I’m glad the real Force never sleeps! [Continue reading]

Top ten lists from Tatooine

Top ten signs Han Solo has turned 70
10. Forgets to turn off directional light on Millennium Falcon [Continue reading]

Top ten surprises in Episode VII
Disney has purchased Lucas Films and is planning to relaunch the Star Wars franchise with a new episodes opening in 2015. So, I have in my right bionic hand, direct from the Rebel base, tonight’s category. [Continue reading]

Cartoons from rebel base





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