Hope and humor for writers

Writing is the hardest way of earning a living, with the possible exception of wrestling alligators. Olin Miller

Writing for publication is hard, but it is possible. So, here’s some hope, humor and help as you wrestle those alligators:

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And now back to our program . . .


Seven questions to ask a prospective agent

Books on writing


Communicate to Change Lives: Biblical and Behaviorial Principles for Persuasive Communication

“I laughed, I gulped, and I learned as I read Jim’s book. As a writer, speaker, and teacher of writing, Jim knows what he is talking about. Best of all, he knows how to put the teaching at a level that we can easily
grasp and apply. Here’s the book that will help you to change lives.”
Roger Palms, Writer, teacher, speaker, former editor of Decision Magazine

Book outline
Read an excerpt: Using Psychological Appeals

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Click for details on using it as training and/or fund-raiser for your organization.

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Writers on Writing: Top Christian Authors Share Their Secrets for Getting Published

I was privileged to serve as editor of this “who’s who” of Christian authors such as Jerry Left Behind Jenkins, Liz Curtis Higgs and twenty more. A very practical “how to” book on writing.
“Here’s a terrific smorgasbord about different aspects of the writing business. Whether you want to write magazine
articles, devotionals, fiction or nonfiction, humor or screenplays, you will gain a taste of what it takes from
someone who practices this particular discipline.” Terry Whalin, best-selling author

Seven habits of purpose-driven writers

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Order from Wesleyan Publishing House


Writing with Banana Peels: Principles, Practices and Pratfalls of Writing Humor

“A milk-out-the-nose funny book for both writers and readers,” Rhonda Rhea,
author of Amusing Grace and The Purse-uit of Holiness.

Jim had so much fun teaching “Writing Humor” at Taylor University, that he compiled all his notes (and some of his funniest columns) into a book:
Writing with Banana Peels: Principles, Practices, and Pratfalls of Writing Humor.

Table of contents, endorsements

Paper back $14.95


Some of the very practical reasons to attend a conference are to . . .

      • meet editors face to face (I’ve never sold a book simply on the basis of a proposal alone. All fourteen of royalty books were pitched at conferences or the result of a conference).
      • get feedback from editors and professional writers (Citique groups are good—to a limit, but most are amateurs critiquing amateurs. Sorry if that sounds snobbish, but this is a business and profession.)
      • get the tools you need to succeed in your craft (lectures, books, networking). Imagine if a repairperson pulled up to your house and his/her truck was completely empty of tools? Call the police!
      • network. That is so important. I can follow each book and each conference keynote back to meeting key people.

I tell writers, the three secrets to getting published are 1. network, 2. network, and 3. network. So, there’s a word for writers who don’t attend conferences: unpublished. Here are a few where I’ve spoken and can highly recommend:


Atomic-powered titles
Communicate to Change Lives: Using Psychological Appeals
‘Crossing over’ with the cross
Don’t become a digital dinosaur
From stage to page: turning messages into manuscripts
Top ten greatest things since . . . (A salute to word processors)
“Hard” news facing hard times
The power of humor in writing/speaking (Interview with The Wittenburg Door)
Three “must haves” for today’s writers
Top ten greatest things since . . . (A salute to word processors)
Writing effective book proposals

Editorial services

I have worked in the traditional and independent publishing world as an editor helping first-time and New York Times best-selling authors get their book manuscripts into print. I’d love to help you bring your manuscript to life with CPR: Consultation, Publishing assistance, and Rewriting. (Click for complete details.)

Encouragement for writers

Confessions of an author/speaker
David and the giant editors (Audio)
Keeping your dream alive (Print and audio)
Quips and quotes of encouragement
Soaring with eagles, walking with emus (Print and audio)
Your “write” role (Print; audio coming soon)


Inside look at publishing industry
Million to one chance for million-seller
Police officer grills author on how to “break in” (to publishing house)
So you want to write a book?
Twenty-five rejection-proof markets
What’s “brand” and “platform”?
Writing effective book proposals
Writing online


Self-publishers and piranhas
Marketing myths and distribution deceptions

The writing life

A not-so-glamorous day in life of an author and speaker
Are authors in their “write” minds?
Freelancing offers freedom “real job” can’t
Hope for a balanced life
Managing your time . . . and sanity
Seven habits of purpose-driven writers

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