How to prepare a manuscript for publication

How to prepare a manuscript for publicationWhether you’re submitting to a traditional or self-publisher, here are some general rules for preparing your book manuscript:

• Send manuscript as one file as a Microsoft Word attachment

• Single-space your manuscript in Times New Roman 12 point throughout. (The designer will choose the fonts to make a professional-looking product.)

• One space between sentences. Paragraph indentations should be .25 inch (You can setup your word processing program to do this automatically). Do not manually type in spaces or use tab key.

• Do not use the “Auto Format” feature for numbers, bullets, or endnotes (“footnotes” at end of chapter rather than at bottom of page). These are lost in converting the manuscript into typsetting program. Manually type in endnote number in text and endnote copy at the end of chapters.

• If you are using interior photos or graphics, do not include them in text. Simply put a note within the text to our designer describing the photo a the general location it should appear. Separately email high-resolution photos and graphics to our designer.

• The Chicago Manual of Style stipulates using a serial comma: that extra comma in lists of three of more items (example: Peter, James, and John).

• Heads within chapter should be centered in bold such as

Example of Head

Second level subhead
      Second level subheads should be bold and flush left (no indent). Copy is indented.

• Use this order in arranging your book (as per Chicago Manual of Style)

      Title page

      Copyright notice page (ACW will provide ISBN and other information for this page)


      (Table of) Contents

      Foreword (This is another writer’s endorsement of the book)

      Preface (Written by author, but is often not included if the introduction meets the need)

      Acknowledgements (If not part of the preface)

      Introduction (If not part of the text. Trend is to begin with Chapter 1 as many people skip Introduction)


      Appendix(es) (if needed)

      Notes (if needed)

      Glossary (if needed)

      Bibliography (if needed)

      (List of) contributors

      Index (if needed)

• The trend is not to capitalize pronouns for God. There is no capitalization in original Greek or in many modern translations. If you decide to capitalize pronouns, please be consistent.

• For scripture references within text, use standard abbreviation when in ( ). Write out when standing alone. Write out number at beginning of sentence.

“God is love” (1 John 4:8).

The book of 1 John tells us “God is love.”

First John tell us . . .

• For all other questions on grammar, word choice, and formatting, consult the Chicago Manual of Style, which is available at your local library. (It’s very expensive new, but you can find used copies on the Internet.)

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