Intimacy with Christ: Beyond Information and Involvement

Intimacy with Christ
Most churches are great at sharing information about Christ and many are fairly good at providing opportunities for involvement for Christ. But according to Willow Creek Association network of thousands of churches, “63 percent of the most active and committed church members are so discouraged with church and its ability to support their faith that they are considering leaving the church.” I believe what’s missing is intimacy with Christ.

This guide for personal or group study explores seven disciplines to become one with Jesus Christ utilizing Scripture readings and excerpts from The Imitation of Christ devotional book. Those disciplines are:


Feel free to print off a copy for personal use.

If you’d like print copies for group studies, please order the study booklet.

This just in!

I’m thrilled to announce that this little book has grown into a full-size book of 40 devotions based on the seven disciplines and including the writings of other classic devotional writers:

Anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing
Bernard of Clairvaux
Brother Lawrence
Catherine of Siena
Francis of Sales
Francis of Assisi
Ignatius of Loyola
John of the Cross
Julian of Norwich
Teresa of Avila
Thomas à Kempis

It releases just in time for Lent 2021 from CLC Publishers.


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