Some subjects I don’t–won’t–address . . .

September 6th, 2014 | Posted by jameswatkins in Uncategorized


What keywords bring people to my website? Here, from my google analytics’ report for the past 30 days, are some of the more—shall we say interesting—keywords that I do address and many I don’t or won’t address:

Keywords that I actually do address
aliens rule the world
are vampires and werewolves real
christian insults
is jim watkins gay
jesus a superhero
nostradamus powerball prediction
sex cures colds
sports haters
what can you not say in an airport

Keywords that I don’t address
banana humor [I do have a book called, Writing with Banana Peels, but nothing on actual “banana humor.”]
how to cope in the 1800’s [I didn’t realize I had Amish followers!]
kahuna psychic power
wife coughing attack sex comedian
would jesus eat dark chocolate [Again, I do address those topics—just not together!]

Keywords that I won’t address
how do werewolves deal with death of loved ones
can a child marry their parent [Well, I sort of address that here.]
car sex [Dude, you need a girlfriend!]
hitman five thousand dollars kill wife [Sorry, this is not Craig’s List!]
james having sex in bed
oral sex the holy spirit [Again, I do address those topics—just not together!]
watkins dna [Again, not Craig’s List!]

Well, I do address a lot of topics here. Use the search box above to see if I address your favorite topic.

Let me know if there’s a subject on which you’d like me to write. Please use the comment box below.

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