‘More than you can think or imagine’

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For the last couple years, I’ve been hearing Jesus say in my spirit, “You must decrease, I must increase” and “Only I am to be exalted.”

So when I wrote a book proposal that’s all about Jesus and not a word about me, here’s what happened:

• Within 13 days of sending the proposal, my agent had an offer from a large publisher.

• It’s a generous advance and royalty structure. And the marketing plan is unbelievable!

• Plus it will be offered in hard cover and leather! I’ve never had a book even in Naugahyde.

• And it will be on shelves in less than nine months—in time for the beginning of Lent 2016. (It will be re-marketed for Advent 2016.) I’ve never heard of a book getting two marketing promotions.

Those things simply do not happen in publishing! It can take from three to six months to get a response to a proposal. Books can take up to two years from contract to book store shelf.

And I’ve really done nothing to cause all this to happen so quickly and remarkably, except to write a book that is all about Jesus.

It’s definitely a “more than you can think or imagine” type of thing (Ephesians 3:20). So, Jesus gets all the praise.

I’ll let you know the name of the book, publisher and all the ordering details in late winter. For now, thanks to you for your faithful prayers over the years. And please continue praying as I complete the manuscript and the publisher begins working on the design and marketing campaign. Thanks!

July 16, 2015
The mysterious book I’ve been writing is The Imitation of Christ: A completely updated version of Thomas à Kempis’ classic devotion in modern language organized into 90 devotional readings.

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