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Office Olympics

While the world’s attention is focused on gymnasts, swimmers, track stars, and weightlifters (along with all those retired athletes pitching products), unsung heroes are overcoming Olympic challenges in offices and factories closer to home.

10-mile Commute and 100-Yard Hurdles: Employees (who have just raced through rush hour traffic), must now jump ten parking bumpers, a homeless person, three UPS boxes, and a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign to arrive at their desk on time. [Continue reading].

Olympic tetherball

Have you ever felt like a human tetherball? Life punches you in the face as you reel in the opposite direction, then you’re struck again and propelled the other way. You’re in constant motion, being struck this way and then that. The only thing that keeps you from totally flying out of control—and into traffic—is the rope that anchors you to the center. [Continue reading]

Not-so-Olympic weightlifting

I needed just one credit to finish my physical education requirements for college. Unfortunately, the only classes open were “Weight-Lifting 101” and “Basket Weaving.” So, at 115 pounds, soaking wet, I signed up for weight-lifting. I looked like the “before” picture in Muscle magazine! To say the least, it was a painful and humiliating experience. [Continue reading]

Olympic boycott

If you’re not following the Olympics, may I suggest, this exclusive support group of manly men who don’t follow sports. [Complete membership details]

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