Humor from far, far away

Cartoons from far, far away
Top ten rejected titles for Star Wars VII
Top ten signs Han Solo has turned 70
Top ten surprises in Star Wars: Episode VII
Note: Five years before VII was released, I predicted Han and Leila’s offspring would turn to the dark side! Sometimes I scare myself.

May the force be with you

The Force Awakens universal questions
How does George Lucas come up with character’s names? A drunken game of Scrabble? How do light sabers work? Where do space royalty go for their hair and makeup? Do we all have a light and dark side?

Star Wars III: modern morality play
Revenge of the Sith is a modern-day morality play where we witness a powerful struggle not only between good and evil, but the temptation to use evil for anticipated good; the end justifying the means.

This Force never sleeps
In Episode VII, “The Force Awakens.” Has it been taking a nap? Has it been frozen in carbonite? Did it pass out at the Mos Eisley Cantina? I’m glad the real Force never sleeps!

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I’m having a great time at PenCon with my fellow word nerds. Yep, a convention for editors!

For my partners in punctuation, here’s my top ten list and the extended notes from my two seminars:

Top Ten Signs Your an Editor
10. You caught the error in the title . . .
9. . . . and it’s driving you crazy
8. You have pets named Strunk & White
7. Finding a typo in a best-seller makes your day
6. You actually enjoyed papers in high school and college
5. You have your devotions out of The Chicago Manual of Style
4. You refuse to use “their” as a single pronoun
3. You have strong opinions about the Oxford comma
2. You proofread your friends’ texts and emails
1. You send them back with corrections

From stage to page: turning messages into manuscripts

How to hook today’s Internet users

And, if you need help from a word nerd, I offer CPR for your work in progress: Consulting, Publishing assistance, Rewriting and researching.

Additional resources for writers

Overcoming fear and worry

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Overcoming Fear and Worry
From the book cover:

War, politics, finances, health concerns, job loss. Is your blood pressure rising yet?

Troubling issues bombard our news outlets, social media feeds, and personal lives constantly. Although it seems natural to embrace fear, the Bible repeatedly commands us, “Fear not.” God speaks to us, “Do not worry.” But how is this even possible?

In Overcoming Fear & Worry, award-winning author, and recovering worrier, James Watkins explores the practical biblical, and behavioral principles for successfully living without worry. With his seasoned experience and signature humor, Watkins shows us that God wants us to draw on His love, peace, and power to break the worry habit.

Read the Introduction

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If you’re an administrative professional, I have a few posts to celebrate you!

As editorial director at a publishing house, I could be gone for days at a time, and projects would continue moving smoothly along. But if my editorial assistant was gone for a day, the whole office went off the rails. (Thanks, Roxanne, for being the best!)

Top ten difference between “secretaries” and “administrative professionals”

APs win gold in Office Olympics

Are you your own AP? (The joys of working from home)

And a Happy Administrative Professional Day to my student intern, Abbie Kessler! (See pic.) If you’ve noted positive changes on my website and social media, that’s Abbie’s great work. She’s a senior at Taylor University and looking for a job in editing or English as a second language. So, if you have a opening or know someone who knows someone, please get in touch. I would highly recommend her!

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Hope, humor, Holy week

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It’s Easter week, so here’s the Easter story in chronological order: divided into seven sections so you can read a portion each day of the week:

Good Friday
Easter Sunday
[From Jesus: His Life and Lessons]

And here are my favorite Easter posts:

Easter cartoons
Easter eggs-pose’
Easter quips and quotations
Chocolate bunnies are good for you!

Palm Sunday
When praises turn to ash

Maundy Thursday
Knowing who we are One of Christ’s last acts revealed who he was

Good Friday
“It is finished!” was announced before Christ’s resurrection
They just don’t make crosses like they used to

Resurrection Sunday
Action-figure Jesus
When “It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Comin'” just isn’t enough

Have a very meaningful week!

Here’s my favorite cartoon of the week:

For more visit my cartoon archives.

Have a great weekend!

After a long day of writing or editing, my brain is SillyPutty by 6 pm, and so the only thing I want to do in the evening is crank up Pandora and play “Freecell.” But more than a mindless waste of time, I’ve learned some valuable lessons from the electronic solitaire game:

1. You don’t have to play the cards you’re dealt

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Don’t be an April fool

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Fake news. Urban legends. Conspiracy theories. What used to be limited grocery store tabloids, is now on the Internet, your email in box, and social media.

So, April Fools Day seems a good time to remind us all to—as my high school journalism teacher warned— “Verify. Verify. Verify. If your mother says she loves you, check it out.”

So here are some my favorite posts on how to spot year-round April Fools pranks:

Ancient prophet warns against conspiracy theories

The truth about urban legends

Verify. Verify. Verify.

Don’t be an April fool!

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I’m having a wonderful time at the Blue Lake Writers’ Retreat in warm Alabama!

Here are some helpful posts if you feel a nudge to write:

Does your manuscript need CPR: Consultation, Publishing assistance, and Rewriting?

From stage to page: turning messages into manuscripts (If you’re a speaker, you need a book!)

Police officer grills author on how to “break in” (to publishing houses)

So. you want to write a book?

But wait! There’s more.

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Our work in God’s work

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Yes, God can do anything, but there are a lot of things he won’t do. For instance, we read in Luke 9:

      Late in the afternoon the twelve disciples came to him and said, “Send the crowds away to the nearby villages and farms, so they can find food and lodging for the night. There is nothing to eat here in this remote place.”

      But Jesus said, “You feed them.”

God won’t do something we can do. [Continue reading]