Not feeling thankful?

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Have you had one of those years where you’re dreading Thanksgiving? Do you feel you have nothing for which to give thanks? Does the holiday just emphasize your losses? I’ve been there! So here are . . .

Fifty praises between bed and bathroom
Today, I vowed not to ask for anything, but to simply praise God. I found fifty things for which to praise him just between the bed and bathroom:

Top ten reasons to give thanks . . . when you think you don’t have any
10. You have a newspaper (or a mobile device”) in your hand. Thanks to Guttenberg’s press and the World Wide Web you have access to more information today than all previous generations combined.

Thanks for nothing
Little is known of the prophet Habakkuk. except that he lived in the time when Israel was oppressed and many had been taken captive by the Babylonians. There was little reason to give thanks. But, in spite of living in captivity and facing what appears to be a famine, Habakkuk writes, “Yet, I will rejoice in the Lord!”

Thanksgiving turkey trivia
Do you enjoy playing “Jeopardy” from your Laz-Z-Boy (“I’ll take ‘Fowl Friends’ for $1,000, Alex”)? Would you like to raise the intellectual level of conversation at Thanksgiving dinner above that of the cranberry sauce? Enjoy my highly educational special report on Melgris Gallopavos.

Thanksgiving cartoons
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I’m sure that even Mr. Rogers had one of those days:

      It’s a terrible day in the neighborhood,
      A terrible day for neighbor,
      Won’t you please go, leave me all alone.
      I’ve always wanted to move away to warmer weather,
      I hate this TV house and this stupid sweater.
      So why don’t you go and watch “Power Rangers”
      Play in the street and talk to some strangers?
      Please won’t you go, leave me alone.
      Get off my lawn, my neighbor!

Copyright © 1991 James N. Watkins

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Several friends are daily posting one thing for which they are thankful during November. I found 50 things just between the bed and bathroom:

1. God’s protection, providence

2. His love and grace

3. I slept straight through the night

4. No horrible nightmares resulting from real-life trauma

5. I don’t work the night shift

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Photo: Nathan Dumlao

Books make great Christmas gifts, so here are some for everyone on your list.

Books for adults
God, I Don’t Understand: Unanswered Prayer, Unfulfilled Promises, Unpunshed Evil
Overcoming Fear and Worry
The Imitation of Christ: Classic Devotions in Today’s Language
Intimacy with Christ: Beyond Information and Involvement
Squeezing Good Out of Bad

Books for young adults
The Why Files: Are There Really Ghosts?
The Why Files: Is There Really Life After Death
The Why Files: When Can I Start Dating?

Books for communicators
Communicate to Change Lives
Writing with Banana Peels [Writing with humor]

But wait, there’s more . . .
Complete catalog of my books

Whereas November is one of the hardest months for those suffering with mental health issues. (Suicide rates actually increase this month.)

Whereas People love to support and pray for those with cancer,

Resolved mental health issues shall now be referred to as “mind cancer.” Mental illness is an illness!

Help me make November “Mind Cancer Awareness Month.” (Right click on the meme on right, save, and then share.)

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I’m a mess. You’re a mess. (Audio)
You may depressed if . . .

I am so grateful that God has chosen someone with clinical depression, ADD, OCD and just a touch of ASD to share hope and humor. God’s grace is amazing . . . and ironic!

If you’re struggling with a mental health issue, please seek professional help. There is help and hope!


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The apostle Paul calls followers of Jesus overcomers. That English word misses just how overcoming believers are. The Greek is hypernike: super victors. So here are some of my favorite posts on overcoming with super-victory. And check out one of my latest books on overcoming!

Are you listening to Goliath or God?
Feeling inadequate, ill-equipped, in the dark?
Finding still waters in the storm: The Book of Joe
Finely-aged believers
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God is never late—but he sure is slow
God is such a drama king
Holy hardships
I’m a giant killer! [Print and audio]
“I’m a mess. You’re a mess.” [Print and podcast]
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Keeping your dreams alive
“My God, why have you abandoned me?
My life as a human tether ball
Overcoming fear and worry
Over-the-top victors
“Pressed . . . but not crushed”
Soaring with eagles, walking with emus [Audio]
Turn your “shaft” into a mine
When dreams die
When you don’t “succeed”
You will have trouble

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Here’s my exclusive—and heartbreaking—interview with Barbie when she turned 40.

In 1959, Barbie Millicent Roberts emerged from her bright pink box to become the most popular—and at times controversial—doll in the civilized world.

But this investigative humor columnist has discovered gloom beneath the glamour of Mattel’s money-making miss.

Wearing faded jeans and a T-shirt, Barbie confided, “I’m just so tired of being dolled up all the time. The whole Barbie image is just so plastic.”

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Hope and humor and Halloween

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Hi, I’m Jim Watkins: author, speaker, and—for my grandkiddos—”Corn Stalker.” (It’s what we do in Corn Borer, Indiana!)

Welcome to my annual look at really creepy stuff. Don’t read alone!
Are demons, exorcisms real?
Are there really ghosts?
Harry Potter: the good, the bad, the muggly
Ouija: It’s not just a game
Psychic secrets revealed
Should Christians celebrate Halloween?
Talking to the dead
Top ten reasons Halloween is a strange holiday
The Why Files: My book on the supernatural
Vampires, werewolves real!
Which witch is which?

Guest post by Eryn McMillan

Eryn knows the hurt that comes from the rejection of a man who is supposed to be her dad. She knows what it feels like to go to bed at night wondering, Did he even think about me today? and Will I ever be good enough for him?

But, rather than a lament about living without a dad, her post is a celebration of her Father.

Here’s her powerful blog post: [Continue reading]

iGuatemala o busto!

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Guatemala or bust! I’m getting packed to travel to God Bless the Children home in Guatemala City where I’ll serve as “Grandpa in Resident” for 20+ children. Looking forward to coloring, crafts and sharing some magic tricks. What fun! (I’ll be updating on Facebook and Instagram.)

And best of all, I’m going with a team that includes my daughter, Faith, and her 14- and 11-year-old daughters! We travel to Chicago Thursday the 17th, then fly out early Friday from “O’Hell International” to Dallas and then to Guatemala City. We fly back on Friday the 25th.

As you know, lack of structure and routine as well as being anxious in new situations with new people, plus OCD are issues for this extreme extrovert with clinical depression. I want to be an encouragement to the staff and show the kiddos that they are loved and valued. And to demonstrate that God’s power is revealed in our weakness to all and especially to my granddaughters.

¡Muchas gracias por tus oraciones! (Thanks so much for your prayers!)

Update October 26: Wow! Your prayers were answered! God’s power is revealed in our weakness. A great experience.