Responding to Paris terrorist attacks

November 13th, 2015 | Posted by jameswatkins in Uncategorized


Shock. Disbelief. Horror. Anger. Grief. These are just a few of the emotions overwhelming the French people following the coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris.

I was at the McDonald’s “PlayLand” as the news unfolded on the giant TV above the area. I was holding my giggling granddaughter’s hands as she “walked” up me and back-flipped onto the floor as her older brothers ran among the equipment with uninhibited joy. At the very same time, I watched the news as immobilized victims clutched the hands of loved ones and bloodied survivors ran in horror for cover. Such joy, such sorrow. So surreal!

Here are some resources I hope will be helpful in responding to horrific attack:

Dealing with death and grief
“bin Laden, kiss my pass!” (September 10, 2003)
Talking to your children about terrorism

Hope amid horror (September 11, 2006)
What motivates terrorists?
Taking the terror out of terrorism

Can war on terrorism be won? (September 11, 2005)
How can we overcome evil with good?
We are strong! We will survive! (September 17, 2001)
What we haven’t learned from 9/11 (September 9, 2002)
Candle-lighting ceremony following terrorist attacks (September 11, 2001)

My thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those killed and injured by terrorist acts.
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