Does God make ‘prank’ calls?

June 9th, 2014 | Posted by jameswatkins in Uncategorized

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When we got together, my cousins and I loved to make prank phone calls. Our favorite? Calling someone at random and—while trying to make our per-pubescent voices sound deep and adult—say, “This is the electric company. Is your refrigerator running?” And, if they actually bought our act and said yes, we would squeal, “Well, run and catch it!”

I believe God also makes “prank” calls. Well, at least calls that seem laughable. To serve as His spokesperson, God calls Moses, who claims he’s no public speaker. To deliver the Israelites from attack by a powerful army, God calls Gideon, the least person from the least tribe—to fight with clay pots, torches and trumpets! And to lead the nation of Israel, God calls David, a shepherd boy. The examples continue through the Old and New Testaments.

And God still makes “prank” calls. He makes a call to someone who scores off the chart on the Myers-Briggs inventory for “Introvert.” This person also suffers with clinical depression and, without prayer and Prozac, would spend his days hiding under the covers. And to make things more interesting, he has symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome which make him uncomfortable with new people and unfamiliar surroundings. And he really hates snakes!

So God, in His deep voice, says, “Jim, I’m calling you to be a freelance writer and speaker with no predictable income, sitting in airports hoping your flight isn’t cancelled and your luggage arrives when you do, and spending long days speaking and interacting at conferences. Oh, and I want your tag line to be ‘Hope and Humor.'”

“Uh, you must have the wrong number.”

But He just reminds me His grace is sufficient when I find myself teaching three weeks in India with a terrible case of depression and homesickness, talking to district leaders and college students about “Human Sexuality” under a circus tent in Mozambique, and ministering to children and youth in Australia, which boasts the highest number of venomous snakes of any country on earth!

So, for nearly forty years, I’ve sensed God calling me outside of my comfort zone—and way outside of my area code. And sometimes, if I’m really quiet, I think I hear Him squealing with delight.

God is such a prankster!

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