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Welcome to a roundup of this week’s comments and cartoons. Each Saturday, I’ll bring you the best (?) from HopeAndHumor.org as well as my daily posts on Facebook. Meanwhile, have a wonderful weekend!

Brand new hope and humor:

How to walk on water (Monday, January 25, 2016)
One of the things I loved best about my uncle’s lakeside property was strolling out on the dock, off the end of the diving board and continuing to walk across the water. [Read post]

(Monday, January 25, 2016)

(Tuesday, January 26)

From my Tupperware Party: Putting a lid on government campaign for president. (Tuesday, January 26)
(Thursday, January 28)

I’ll consider this one-star review of The Imitation of Christ a compliment! (Screwtape is the demon mentor writing to Wormwood, an apprentice demon in Lewis’ classic book on spiritual warfare, The Screwtape Letters. I pray that when I awake, the devil mutters, “Oh crap! Jim is up!” I do want to write things that, through Christ, threaten Satan’s kingdom!)
(Saturday, January 30)

Gently used hope and humor:

(Wednesday, January 27)

(Thursday, January 28)

WWJD? Who Would Jesus Elect? (Friday, January 29)
Don’t support someone simply because he or she spouts spiritual sound bytes! [Continue reading]

(Friday, January 29)

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