When dreams die . . .

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God promises Joseph that he will become a great leader—and he ends up enslaved and imprisoned in Egypt.

The prophet Elisha promises an infertile woman that she will bear a son—and the boy dies in her arms.

Jesus promises to bring a heavenly kingdom to earth—and then he and the promise are crucified and buried.

Is this disturbing pattern playing out in your life? You sense that God gives you a dream job—and months later you’re laid off. (It happened to me—twice!) God miraculously fulfills your dream of a child—and now she’s clinging to life in neo-natal intensive care. It seems God has brought the man of your dreams into your life—and now he’s killed in a traffic accident.

When our dreams die, a part of us dies as well!

I mentioned in Keeping your dreams alive another biblical pattern: The dream is received, the dreamer is refined, the dream is resized and the dream is realized. But what happens when the dream dies?

In each of the biblical instances above, the dream is received, the dream dies, and the dream is miraculously resurrected!

For the Shunammite woman, it took three attempts for her son to be brought back to life (once by Elisha’s servant, twice by the prophet). In Jesus’ case, three days in a stone cold grave. But for Joseph—and this is not exactly encouraging—13 years of slavery and imprisonment.

Perhaps the miraculous resurrection of the dream is God’s way of assuring us, it was indeed his dream for us. (There’s no way we could have brought our dead dream back to life.) And, more importantly, the dream is now infused with God’s power—not our own—to be “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20).

If you’re facing the death of your dream, I’m right there with you waiting for my miraculous resurrection as well. I’m believing with you for a resurrection!

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How has God resurrected one of your dreams? Comment below.

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  • Donna Griswold says:

    Still waiting. My wait is not as long as Joseph’s ….yet. Seems like it….but it’s not….yet.

  • Since early childhood my life’s ambition has always been to perform music as a living. I put that dream away to raise a family but music called me back to the stage. I was performing & my band was doing well. A work accident left me injured, in pain, & unable to even get around well for many years. My dream died.
    A couple of years ago I asked God to lead me in the direction He wants me to go. I moved to Indiana, started a band, had surgery to fix the part of my back that could be fixed with surgery & pressed on believing God will lead me & take care of me so I could perform.
    My band rose to the top of the local chart for our genre almost immediately & has stayed there for over a year now. This Saturday my band is to take the stage in Pittsburgh co-headlining a music festival for a guitar company that I am a sponsored endorser for.
    We are potentially heading out on tour later this year, our music is being played on a couple internet radio stations in regular rotation & our online fan base grows daily.
    God is wonderful! Suffering builds character. Faith not only sustained me during the worst of my times but has lead me towards the realization of my dreams. God willing, I may just have the opportunity to realize my childhood dream. God is wonderful!

  • Thanks Jim! Wonderful, inspiring and dripping with HOPE- thanks for sharing the Biblical examples we have of some of the creative and unique and often puzzling ways of God’s restoration and resurrection of dreams that have died.

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