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May 2nd, 2019 | Posted by jameswatkins in Uncategorized

I’m having a great time at PenCon with my fellow word nerds. Yep, a convention for editors!

For my partners in punctuation, here’s my top ten list and the extended notes from my two seminars:

Top Ten Signs Your an Editor
10. You caught the error in the title . . .
9. . . . and it’s driving you crazy
8. You have pets named Strunk & White
7. Finding a typo in a best-seller makes your day
6. You actually enjoyed papers in high school and college
5. You have your devotions out of The Chicago Manual of Style
4. You refuse to use “their” as a single pronoun
3. You have strong opinions about the Oxford comma
2. You proofread your friends’ texts and emails
1. You send them back with corrections

From stage to page: turning messages into manuscripts

How to hook today’s Internet users

And, if you need help from a word nerd, I offer CPR for your work in progress: Consulting, Publishing assistance, Rewriting and researching.

Additional resources for writers

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