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Kelly Goswick

"I can't do this alone, Jesus, I need your help. Please give me the strength to go on," Kimimela prayed while tears flooded her eyes.

Experience pioneer life through the eyes of Kimimela, a half Sioux-half white, twelve-year-old girl whose parents die of a sudden illness. Left with only with her border collie, Dakota, she struggles to learn how to rely on the faith that her parents had instilled in her. You will grieve with her, laugh with her, and face wolves, blizzards, and other situations with her that test her faith. Her courage and faith will encourage you and remind you that you can trust God in and for all things.

Kelly Goswick is a stay-at-home wife and mother. She and her husband, Bryon, have three children: Ty, Clancy, and Kelsy. A native Arizonan, Kelly has always enjoyed living the country lifestyle. She grew up listening to stories of her grandparents and great-grandparents and has always been intrigued with the pioneer days.

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