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Ojoma's Song

Ojoma Edeh Herr

An inspirational account of hope, determination, survival, and the saving grace of God.

This book is an inspirational memoir of how I became a woman in Nigeria and the miraculous journey I took to become the woman I am now. The book details how my faith in God and my determination never to give up helped me to accomplish my dreams.

This is a book that everyone can relate to, which focuses on faith, hope and the determination to survive against all odds. After reading this book, you will “see” faith in action. It will provide you with how to survive difficult times in life even when you think you can not hold on any longer.

Ojoma Edeh Herr earned the Ph.D. from Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City. On her graduation day, she was recognized by the President as one who is determined and dedicated to making a difference in society and as one having helped many women and children. She is currently a tenured professor in a Collective Bargaining Agreement university, Department of Special Education. She has published articles and made many presentations both at national and international conferences.

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