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Turning Her On and Keeping Her Heart

Joyce Ogelesby

Women are cut from the same mold yet expressly unique. It would be ideal if your wife came equipped with a manual designed with instructions like "this end up, open carefully today, feed habitually, apply lotion to parched areas, squeeze often for best results, speak regularly to evoke response, and listen intently for signs of breakage." Her uniqueness complicates the standard one-size-fits-all tutorial, but it is those distinctive qualities that lump her in the same category with other women—yours to figure out. Keeping the romance alive and satisfying in your marriage will keep her turned on to meeting your physical and emotional needs. Discover ways to keep your intimacy on high heat and ensure a lifetime of love destined to preserve your unique history.It's easy when you figure out how to turn her on and keep her heart.

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Thanks for all the info. I've already done a lot of comparing (about two years' worth!) and believe that yours is the best offer for the money.
Jo Ann Sherbine

ACW press provides quality service, quick response to your questions, and genuine Christian respect for those they serve. You will be blessed by the creative eye of the graphic designer, the humor and care of the editor, and the encouragement and prayers of the entire team. ACW press is committed to the ministry of serving God by serving you. Be blessed by their talents and friendships!
Donna D. Kincheloe, RN, BSN, CCRN
Author of I Never Walk the Halls Alone

It has been and is still a joy to work with everyone associated with ACW and our book project. Without you and your staff our dream would not be fulfilled. Blessings! Thanks again.
Tom Meaglia
Author of The Economy of God

Working with ACW has been a refreshing experience. You guys are unbelievable in your straightforwardness. No surprises waiting around the bend for your authors. Your response time is impressive and keeps us energized about our passion for writing. You actually have our best interests—rather than your profit—at heart! Joyce S. Oglesby
Author of Keeping His Pants On ... Until He Gets Home