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Walking in the Graveyard:
How I Died and Lived to Tell about It

Michelle Steele

As a young, teenage girl, I made wrong decision after wrong decision. I made trouble at home, trouble at school, and trouble in my family. The real trouble was the self-destructing pain on the inside of me. From the age of fifteen until I turned twenty-three, I ran through the tombs and hid in the mountains of drug addiction, prostitution, and criminal activity. My family tried to pull me back to safety. I broke free from their love by lashing out at their compassion. I destroyed the relationships and the trust of the few people on this earth who really cared about me. My name is Michelle Steele and this is my story.

Michelle Steele's desire to see change occur in people's lives stems from the miraculous change that God's Word has brought to her life. She is co-pastor of Faith Buildings, a lively congregation in Kansas City reaching prisoners, addicts, prostitutes and people from all walks of life with a message of hope that inspires them to reach beyond their present circumstance to grasp God's promise.

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