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Two- to three-minute podcasts to encourage you each week:
I’m a mess. You’re a mess 10-22-16 (3:29)
You can take it with you 9-20-16 (2:11)
Lifting heavy weights 9-12-16 (2:14)
Does God make prank phone calls? 9-4-16 (2:52)
Quit praying . . . and get moving! 08-28-16 (1:22)
Is it a hand grenade . . . or hangnail? 08-21-16 (1:44)
How to move a mountain 08-07-16 (2:22)
Are you listening to Goliath or God? 07-31-16 (2:20)

Keynote talks

“I’m a Giant Killer” (Keynote from Quad Cities Christian Writers’ Conference)
“I’m Important! I’m interdependent! I’m indespensable!” (1 Corinthians 12 message)
“Keeping Your Dreams Alive” (Keynote from Jerry Jenkins’ Writing for the Soul conference)
“Living a Productive Life” (Time—and life—management)
“Soaring with Eagles, Walking with Emus” (Keynote from Greater Philadelphia Writers’ Conference)
Squeezing Good Out of Bad (Based on my book by the same name)
Ten Creative Commandments (Keynote from Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers’ Conference)
Work less, accomplish more From The River Church
Your “write” role (Keynote from Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers’ Conference)


Free book excerpts, columns

Here are free excerpts from my books as well as hundreds of posts on on death, faith, health, heavy topics, holidays, hope, humor, life hacks, love, parents, sex, spiritual issues and writing resources.

Free comedy/drama scripts

Lois and I have performed comedy/drama sketches across the United States and overseas, so the scripts in Characters contains our stage-tested work. (It’s now out of print—sigh—but here are our favorites on the honor system.)

Free original videos

Brother Bob Blessing and “Something Lucrative is Going to Happen to You!” (From Characters)
Planned Bank Robbery: “We’re pro-choice”
“Yep, I’m intolerant”

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2 Responses

  • Cheryl Lemine says:

    Hi, Mr. Watkins:

    I will be attending the Blue Lake CWR and look forward to meeting you. The world needs more laughter, hope, relatable satire that doesn’t slice with hatred. I think it’s about time we got Christians to loosen up, enjoy life and find their groove to connect with a world that thinks all we do is sit around and judge others.

    I’d like to be part of that type of writing.

  • Dan says:

    Congratulations on your 20 faithful online service.
    I wish i could have meant you earlier.

    God Bless,

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