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Coming in 2021

Intimacy with Christ: Timeless Devotions in Today’s Language (Christian Literature Crusade, April 2021)
The writings of Bernard of Clairvaux, Brother Lawrence, Catherine of Siena, Francis de Sales. Francis of Assisi, Ignatius of Loyola, John of the Cross, Julian of Norwich, Teresa of Avila, and my favorite,Thomas à Kempis modernized in a 60-day devotional book.

If You’re Not Dead, You’re Not Done (Tyndale House, October 2021)
Seriously, if you woke up this morning, God has a plan and purpose for your day. It’s a fun book with cartoons from renowned cartoonist Jonny Hawkins. Take a sneak peek of its ten characteristics that I believe are essential for being a satisfied, significant, and saintly senior.

God, I Don’t Understand: Unanswered Prayer, Unfulfilled Promises, and Unpunished Evil (2019)

“This book is for everyone who’s ever questioned God’s goodness, love, or faithfulness. With his trademark wit and wisdom, James Watkins addresses the hard questions, validates our pain, and offers a shoulder to cry on. This book shines a light on the blackest spaces of our lives and finds the hope that hides in the dark.”
Renae Brumbaugh Green, author of Morning Coffee with James.

Read excertps
Why? Some thoughts on life’s tough questions
Contents, Introduction

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Overcoming Fear and Worry

(2019)Award-winning author, and recovering worrier, James Watkins explores the practical biblical, and behavioral principles for successfully living without worry. With his seasoned experience and signature humor, Watkins shows us that God wants us to draw on His love, peace, and power to break the worry habit.

Read the Introduction
Watch interview with Yahweh Sisterhood Book Club

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Imitation of Christ: Classic Devotions in Today’s Language (2016)

The classic devotional by Thomas à Kempis arranged and organized into 90 devotional readings.

The Imitation of Christ is one of the great spiritual works of the Church. More than five hundred years later, it remains not just a classic, but a road map to the life the Lord wants each of us to live.”
Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan: Archbishop of New York

About the book
About Thomas à Kempis
Read an excerpt
My exclusive interview with Thomas à Kempis
The story behind this book

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Jesus: His Life and Lessons (2013)

This user-friendly book arranges His life in chronological order and His teachings by topics, plus a glossary to make it even easier to explore the gospels. No commentary, no doctrinal statements, just 100% Jesus. A perfect gift for anyone seeking to learn more about Jesus. Buy one for yourself and another for a friend.

Foreword by Mary DeMuth

Life: The story of his birth
Life: The story of his death and resurrection
Lessons: On love
• About the translation, World English Bible

Paper back $14.99
Ebook $4.95

Writing with Banana Peels
Principles, Practices, and Pratfalls of Writing Humor (2011)

“A milk-out-the-nose funny book for both writers and readers”
Rhonda Rhea, author of Amusing Grace and The Purse-uit of Holiness.

I had so much fun teaching “Writing Humor” at Taylor University, that I compiled all my notes (and some of my funniest columns) into a book!

Table of contents, endorsements
Read an excerpt

Paperback $14.95
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Communicate to Change Lives (2007)

“I laughed, I gulped, and I learned as I read Jim’s book. As a writer, speaker, and teacher of writing, Jim knows what he is talking about. Best of all, he knows how to put the teaching at a level that we can easily grasp and apply. Here’s the book that will help you to change lives.”
Roger Palms, Writer, teacher, speaker, former editor of Billy Graham’s Decision Magazine

Book outline
Read an excerpt: Using Psychological Appeals

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• Wesleyan Publishing House Paperback eBook
• Buy an older version, The Persuasive Person

Writers on Writing
Top Christian Authors Share Their Secrets for Getting Published (2005)

“Here’s a terrific smorgasbord about different aspects of the writing business. Whether you want to write magazine articles, devotionals, fiction or nonfiction, humor or screenplays, you will gain a taste of what it takes from someone who practices this particular discipline.”
Terry Whalin, best-selling author

Seven habits of highly effective writers

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The Why Files: Are There Really Ghosts?
Questions about angels, the supernatural, and the “Psychic Friends Network” (2000)

". . . a must read for every student and adult who works with them."
Richard Wynn, former president of Youth for Christ

Are demons, exorcisms real?
Are there really ghosts?
Healing: faith or fake?
Vampires and werewolves are real!

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The Why Files: Is There Really Life After Death?
Questions about school shootings, grief, and coming back as a gerbil (200)

"It fields questions from real kids and answers these questions in realistic and compassionate ways . . . realistic and infused with wit and humor."
Lurlene McDaniel, best-selling author on death issues for teens

Winner of a Campus Life "Book of the Year" award

Dealing with death and grief
I just want to die [on suicide]

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Death & Beyond (An earlier edition)

The Why Files: When Can I Start Dating?
Questions about love, sex, and a cure for zits (2000)

"Here it is—the absolute truth about sex. If you have some questions you’re afraid to ask, or if you’re carrying around myths instead of facts, this book is for you!"
Susie Shellenberger, Brio magazine

"Helpful . . . straightforward,"
Campus Life magazine.

Breaking habits before they break you
Breaking up without breaking down
Can I become a virgin again?
Falling in love . . . and getting back up
The hidden habit: masturbation

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Sex Is Not a Four-Letter Word (An earlier edition)
The Teen Sex Survival Manual (An even earlier edition)

Characters: Comedies and Dramas (1993)

Humorous and witty . . . edifies the Body and glorifies God in an entertaining way.
Creator magazine

Six of our favorite scripts online
Performance of “Peter and Brother Bob Blessing” (YouTube)

Get five of our favorites online for a donation
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Should a Christian Wear Purple Sweat Socks?

How to decide what’s right and wrong for you (1987)

"Reading this book will give you principles right from the Bible to help you make a decision. I loved the book! I think you will too!
Keith Drury, author and professor at Indiana Wesleyan University

God’s will is not lost, for those trying to “find” it

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Devotional Pursuits: Trivia and Truth (1986)

James Watkins has taken several hundred bits of trivia and related them to timeless truth from God’s Word in this unique devotional book. You will learn about self-worth from dwarf throwing. The secret to Christian living through the real story of vampires and learn about God’s peace from The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. And you will find real help in the categories of love, self-worth, emotional ups and downs, spiritual growth, the future, relationships, and more.

Yikes, I can’t believe my very first book from 1986 is still available online! (It’s based on my column that ran for six year in the In Touch teen magazine.)

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But wait! There’s more.

You can get a list of books to which I’ve contributed. (Sorry, no Ginsu Carving Knives!)

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