Heavy topics with a light touch


For fifteen years (1991-2006), I wrote a column in three secular newspapers touching on the issues of the day. I tried to combine humor with my harping, and in the process actually won an award for my column.

I’m now writing a monthly column for the Presidential Prayer Team.

So, let’s get touching (or poking at with a stick) some heavy topics:

Abortion: Is it a life or a choice?
Ancient prophet warns of conspiracy theories
Are Islam, Christianity “peaceful” religions?
Are there really ghosts?
Are you absolutely sure there are no absolutes?
Candidates need to follow “Yellow Brick Road”
Capital punishment: serious questions
Dealing with school shootings
Does DNA disprove evolution
Euthanasia and “dying with dignity”
Hope for cultural change
Live! Last Candidate Standing (Let’s make elections reality TV games)
Vampires, werewolves real!
Were founding fathers Christian?
Will God’s purpose be accomplished on election day?

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