Writing with Banana Peels

Writing with Banana Peels: Principles, Practices, and Pratfalls of Writing Humor
James N. Watkins
XarisCom 2009
Trade size (6×9) 132 pages
ISBN: 978-0-578-03538-3

I have in my right hand, direct from my home office in Corn Borer, Indiana, the top ten reasons to read this book:

10. You’ll read some really funny stuff from Dave Barry, Martha Bolton, Stephen Colbert, Bill Cosby, Torry Martin, Rhonda Rhea, Will Rogers, Jean A Christmas Story Shepherd, Steven Wright, and more.

9. People will like you more when you write with humor.

8. You’ll be healthier—and so will your readers.

7. Your writing will be 10 percent more memorable with humor.

6. You will learn how to drill away on touchy subjects by using laughing gas.

5. You can impress your snooty friends who think humor writers are intellectual light weights by quoting Plato, Aristotle, Schopenhauer and Freud on their philosophy of humor.

4. You’ll learn how to connect with and comfort your readers through humor.

3. You’ll be encouraged that nothing terrible happens to authors—just terrific anecdotes. (Nothing says comedy like a kidney stone!)

2. You’ll become rich and famous, lose weight, stop smoking, whiten your teeth, stop global warming, save the whales, realize world peace, and learn the comic technique of hyperbole.

1. You’re guaranteed to earn back the price of this book with your humor writing.

Table of contents

Torry Martin


Principles of Writing Humor
1. Serious studies of humor: Plato to Freud to . . .
2. The medical, educational, and psycho-social benefits of humor
3. Is there such a thing as “Christian” humor?

Practices of Writing Humor
4. A funny thing happened on the way to publication
5. When the going gets tough . . . call the urologist
6. Introducing The Twitter Bible
7. The Whoopee Cushion Code
8. “Is there something here I don’t understand?”
9. If I were any more transparent, I’d be a pane
10. “That would make a great name for a rock band”
11. Listening to the voices in your head

Pratfalls of Writing Humor
12. “You had to be there” (Taking your readers there)
13. “I’m out of ideas—and I’m up against a deadline!”
14. “Thou shalt not”s of humor
15. How to recoup the cost of this book


Here’s what others are saying about Writing with Banana Peels

“Nine out of ten doctors recommend eating more bananas. But I recommend Writing with Banana Peels. It’s packed with a complete day’s supply of tips to make you a better writer.”
Tim Bete, former director of the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop and author of Guide to Pirate Parenting

Banana peels reduce the appearance of wrinkles, treat headache, soothe skin after bug bites, remove warts, control acne#151;and now cause you to write with humor! Writing with Banana Peels causes outbursts of laughter right from the copyright page on! It’s loaded with hilarious examples and great tips and tricks for writing with humor. From ridding warts to writing funny, you can’t go wrong with banana peels.
Twila Belk, writer, speaker, conference director, and leading authority on banana peels

I was just going to skim the publisher’s review copy of Jim’s book, but ended up reading the whole thing. It was excellent, and I laughed out loud several times. By giving specific examples of well-written humor, he shows his readers how they, too, can make their readers laugh out loud.
Dena Dyer, speaker and book author whose work has appeared in such magazines as Women’s World, NickJr., Family, and Writer’s Digest.

Funny, funny stuff, but also packed with practical lessons and insight. Jim openly shares comedy secrets used to achieve success in speaking, satire, and assorted silliness.
Torry Martin, Actor, comic, writer for Adventures in Odyssey and very funny foreword writer

This is not a [book] to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.
Dorothy Parker (1893-1967), book reviewer for Esquire.

A milk-out-the-nose funny book for both writers and readers.
Rhonda Rhea, author of The Purse-uit of Holiness and High Heels on High Places

For those for whom writing funny is serious business, James Watkins’ Writing with Banana Peels unpeels the method behind the madness of humor writing. This nationally-known writing coach, author, and speaker ripens us all with his inimitable inspiration, tips, and side-splitting anecdotes.
Ronna Snyder, speaker and award-winning author of Hot Flashes from Heaven


Paperback $14.95.
E-book $4.95

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  • November 2, 2014 at 8:05 am

    Good Morning James My name is Dennis Cook. I sat in your class on humor in writing Saturday. Just wanted to say thank you for brightening up so many peoples lives with your style of writing that is changing he world one chuckle at a time:)

    Thanks …


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