My book list

I’ve authored, co-authored and contributed to 40 books


Answering God: The Psalms as Tools for Prayer
Leaders Guide for Eugene Peterson (Harper San Francisco, 1992)

Communicate to Change Lives in Person and in Print
Biblical and behavioral principles for changing lives in print, pixels and person. (Wesleyan Publishing House, 2007)

Death & Beyond
The 2,500 questions from teens about death and dying, which received an award of merit in Campus Life‘s "Book of the Year" contest (Tyndale House, 1988)

Devotional Pursuits: Trivia and Truth
Light-hearted devotions based on bizarre triia. (Beacon Hill, 1986)

If You’re Not Dead, You’re Not Done! Live with Purpose at Any Age (Tyndale House, 2022)

The Imitation of Christ: Classic Devotions in Today’s Language
Thomas à Kempis’ 500-year-old classic modernized and organized for today’s reader. (Worthy Inspired, 2016)

Jesus: His Life and Lessons
The life of Jesus in chronological order and his lessons in topical order. (Xaris, 2013)

Keeping Pace
Practical ways to share your faith (Wesley Press, 1986)

God, I Don’t Understand: Unanswered Prayer, Unfulfilled Promises, and Unpunished Evil
(Bold Vision Books, 2017, originally title The Psalms of Asaph)

Overcoming Fear and Worry (Our Daily Bread, 2019)

The Persuasive Person
Original edition of Communicate to Change Lives in Person and in Print (Wesley Press, 1987)

Sex is Not a Four-letter Word
Original edition of The Why Files: When Can I Start Dating (Tyndale House Publishers, 1991)

Should a Christian Wear Purple Sweat Socks? (Wesley Press, 1987)

Squeezing Good Out of Bad
Top ten list of ways to respond to the lemons i your life (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, 2013)

The Teen Sex Survival Manual (Bridge, 1987).

The Why Files
A three-book series based on over 2,500 young people’s questions about sex, death, and the supernatural. “Christian Retailers Choice” award for best book series (Concordia, 2000)

Why? Why questions, wise quotations
Why do bad things happen to good people? Why is there sickness and death? Why doesn’t God answer my prayers? Why? (XarisCom, 2014)

Writing with Banana Peels: Principles, Practices, and Pratfalls of Writing Humor
(XarisCom, 2009)


Characters James and Lois Watkins
Comedy/dramas based on biblical characters (Lillenas, 1993)

Over the Hill—Onto the Mountaintop Louise Looney and James Watkins
Devotions with hope and humor for the Social Security crowd (ACW Press, 2014)

Praise the Lord and Pass the Prozac James and Faith Watkins (Hope&Humor Books, 2022)
A hopeful, helpful, humorous devotional


30 Days to a More Incredible Marriage
(Tyndale House, 1998)

100 Plus Motivational Moments for Writers and Speakers
(Joy Publishing, 1991)

A Complete Guide to Writing for Publication
(ACW Press, 1999)

Jim ghosted the book on family relationships (Moody Press, 1992)

The Cure
Jim wrote twenty devotionals for the Bible edition

Family Traditions that Last a Lifetime
(Tyndale House, 1993) by Michael R. Smith
(EpisteLogic, 2005)

Primary contributor for teen “book-a-zine” on sexuality (Tyndale House, 1988)

Mother’s & Father’s Day Program Builder No. 10
Includes “Faith of Our Mothers” (Lillenas, 2005)

The Pastors’ Study Bible
Jim wrote encouraging quotations (Group/Zondervan, 2000)

Pause for Pastors: Finding Still Waters in the Storm of Ministry by Chris Maxwell
Jim wrote a paraphrase of Job for pastors

Perfect Love
Primary contributor, ghost writer for two chapters (Wesley Press, 1987)

Stories for a Grad’s Heart
(Multnomah Publishers, 2001)

This Cloud of Witnesses
Jim wrote devotional (Taylor University Press, 1999)

Total Quality Life by Stan Toler
Jim wrote the sidebars and collected the quotations (Wesleyan Publishing House, 2007)

Wesleyan Bible Lesson Commentary: Volume 2
(Wesleyan Publishing House, 2011)

Wesleyan Bible Lesson Commentary: Volume 3
(Wesleyan Publishing House, 2011)

Wesleyan Bible Lesson Commentary: Volume 4
(Wesleyan Publishing House, 2011)

What Does She Want From Me Anyway?
(Harper/Collins/Zondervan, 1997)

Writers on Writing: Top Christian Authors Share Their Secrets for Getting Published
(Wesleyan Publishing House, 2005)

Where Are You, God? A 365-Day Devotional Journal (Ellie Claire, 2020)

Writing Right to Success – Stories of the Writing Life by those who followed their dream!
(Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, 2016)


Two books, but I can’t tell you the authors or I’ll lose my “ghostly” status.

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