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  • Dan says:

    I am visiting your site for the first time. I found your cartoons funny.

  • Miranda Louise says:

    I cannot mix God with a pagan holiday: the early church did not celebrate Easter, they however, celebrated, Passover which is a festival ordained by God. Even though the word “Easter” is in the Bible (one time) only means that either it should have been, Passover, (which I believe it should have been or the pagan festival was already on the rise back in the time of the early church.. BUT that does not mean that we as disciples of Jesus, should celebrate it with the world. The Lord calls us to “Come out from among them and be separate” On the most part, I like your posts. But I cannot understand how a discipled man or woman can mix bunnies and eggs with the cross of Christ. The only thing Jesus said to do in his remembrance is to take this cup, and break this bread, he did not give instructions for any other kind of physical remembrance. God is a Spirit and those that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth: Easter is not Truth! Easter is a Catholic traditional holiday. I am not Catholic, are you? You can find the origin of Easter, Christmas, Halloween and all of the other world’s holidays on the internet. If we compromise how will we bring people to the Lord? We need to stand apart, to be separate from the world. To walk and be led by the Spirit; not by our thoughts and feelings.

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